LG SIGNATURE LSR200W Wine Cooler, Stainless Steel

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LG SIGNATURE LSR200W Wine Cooler, Stainless Steel

2 year guarantee included
2 year guarantee included


H179.3 x W70 x D73.5cm

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Transform your home into your very own winery, with this stunning LG wine cellar. It can hold 65 bottles at once, so if you prefer a Merlot or a Pinot, or a bit of both, you’ll have enough space to keep stocked up. You can adjust the temperature inside to be between 5 and 18 degrees too, perfect for keeping your reds, whites and champagnes tasting their best. And if you’ve got your hands full, there’s a holographic sensor underneath the door that you can activate this with your foot, automatically opening it without you having to put your bottles down.

Knock Twice and Easy Access
With LG's unique glass window, you can see inside your fridge without needing to open the door. All you need to do is knock on the panel twice to reveal your fridge's contents.

Multi-Temperature Control
Every wine needs its own unique conditions to preserve and bring out its flavour. Thankfully, LG has fitted this model with three optimal temperature zones that suit different red, white and sparkling wines.*

Precise Temperature Control
Precise temperature control ensures the perfect condition for vintaging wines. This helps minimise temperature fluctuations and keep a wine-friendly atmosphere inside. Bringing connoisseur-quality storage into your home.

Fewer vibrations, purer tastes
Vibrations, while a wine cooler is running, can cause chemical reactions inside bottles - dulling flavours and tastes. To protect against this, LG has cleverly included a smooth-running Inverter Linear Compressor which reduces vibration and creates a gentle environment that protects your wines' flavour profile.

UV-Resistant panel
The black mirror-coated glass door blocks outside heat and ultraviolet radiation to ensure wines' distinctive flavours are protected. The wine cooler’s sleek façade also fits in with distinguished kitchen styles, protecting and accentuating your home décor.

Textured Steel™ Finish
The stainless steel and scratch-resistant textured finish is applied to the elegant outside and functional inside, combining to create a luxurious, timeless design.

Convertible Drawer
Create the perfect environment for your wine pairings and food stored in your cellar, with the Convertible Drawer. Choose between fridge and freezer mode, to select whatever temperature will suit the items you store best.

Auto Lift Drawer™
When you need to pick out a bottle for your next dinner party but are serving canapes to your guests at the same time, Auto Lift Drawer™ helps make selecting easy. It lifts up automatically with a push of a button, for easy access to food and drinks in your LG wine cellar.

Auto Open Door™
Hands full? The LG wine cellar’s Auto Open Door™ function uses a smart sensor to open the door automatically with a wave of a foot – so you don’t need to juggle several glasses in one hand to select the next label for your evening in.

Even your wine cellar can become part of your connected home with LG. ThinQ® AI technology allows you to open the door with just the sound of your voice. Simply say the word and entertaining your guests is quicker and easier than ever before.

*Champagne mode provides an optimal temperature for sparkling wine and champagne storage and cannot be controlled on a degree basis.