Mulberry Smooth Nappa Leather Biker Gloves

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Mulberry Smooth Nappa Leather Biker Gloves

Product description

Product code: 29631601

Crafted from soft Nappa leather and lined in luxurious cashmere, these Mulberry gloves make a great gift of a treat for yourself.

With a nod to the iconic motorcycle styles, these are finished with a subtle Mulberry snap fastening.

Caring for your Mulberry product

To ensure you get the most out of your leather product, Mulberry recommends regular care and maintenance. Using protective leather gels and/or sprays such as Collinil Leather Gel will help to improve the water resistance of certain leathers and can help leather resist dirt and moisture. Use whenever you feel the leather needs a bit of a refresh or a just little more shine.

Try to keep leather away from water and out of heavy rainfall. If it does get wet, remove any residual water immediately with paper towels, pack loosely with paper and allow the leather to dry naturally. Likewise, try to avoid keeping your product in direct heat or sunlight for prolonged periods of time as it may cause the colour to fade unevenly and unnecessarily.

Marks may appear naturally on the leather surface with age and the finish may start to dull. This is a common property of leather and is just a sign of a well-loved product and its unique characteristics. Superficial marks can often be rubbed carefully with a soft cloth. Please refer to the recommended care products for further advice on surface protection.

Darker-coloured leathers can transfer colour onto lighter-coloured fabrics and mark it. Dark-coloured fabric dyes (such as denim) can also transfer onto lighter-coloured leathers. Colour transfer in this way is not covered under the Mulberry Care Policy. Take extra care using products with dark-coloured suede or fabric lining, as these materials can cause the colour to transfer to lighter-coloured fabrics or objects.

Product specification
100% Ovis Aries