Shoe-fitting service

Our children's shoe-fitting service is available in all our shops except for our at home stores. All our fitters are professionally trained by either Clarks or Start-rite, and will be able to advise you on the best shoe style and brand for your child.

Children's shoe fitting
Children's shoe

Our shoe-fitting service

Up to the age of four, your child's feet can grow by up to two whole sizes a year, and by the time they start school this will slow to one size a year. This is why regular checks (every 6-8 weeks) are vital to aid rapidly developing feet.

Our trained Partners will measure the length and width of both feet, and select a choice of shoes for your child to try on to find which style best suits their foot shape.

You can book an appointment online to have your child's feet measured in all our shops except for our at home stores.

Fitting and measuring at home

If you think your child's had a growth spurt, do pop in to your local children's shoe department in one of our shops where we'd be happy to check - alternatively, you can do this at home.

The general rule is, that if a child's foot is right up to the end of the shoe, it's too small. There should be 10mm of space between the toes and the front of the shoe in pre-walkers, and 14mm space
in walkers.

We also sell a measuring gauge which you can use at home. There are 2 gauges, a small gauge which measures 2 junior to 8.5 junior, and the large gauge which measures 9 junior upwards.

Remember though, that shoes that are too big can do as much damage as those that are too small, so unlike clothing, it's not a good idea to buy shoes they can grow into!

Clarks gauge

Start-Rite fitting gauge: small and large

Child's foot being measured at home