Paraskevi Kassapis

Section Manager, Gift List, John Lewis Oxford Street

It's better to have too much on your gift list than too little, so that you can give your guests plenty of choice when selecting a gift. We actually recommend that you allow for a choice of 2-3 gifts per guest, and around 100 gifts minimum.

Use this handy checklist to make sure you've included everything. Don't forget that you can now add honeymoons and charities to your list too, and if you'd like to ask for contributions towards a larger item, you can select the gift voucher option.


Saucepans - Top quality saucepans never go out of style and if you choose a collection with a long guarantee, you can be certain that the products will be an investment for life. We work hard to make sure the pieces in a range are complementary, so it's a good idea to list the full set. That way you'll be able to achieve a variety of recipes and tasks. My personal recommendation would be to buy a good quality stainless steel range, as they look great and will last you for years.

Oven trays; roasting pans; casserole dishes & pie dishes

Set of knives and kitchen scissors - A knife block set is a worthwhile investment as you'lll find real benefit using the correct knife for different elements of food preparation. The block helps protect the knives from scratching and prolongs the sharpness of the blades

Chopping boards

Baking tins; cake tins; bread bin

Mixing bowls; colander, sieve, kitchen scales & measuring jugs

Utensils - Wooden spoons, slotted spoon, potato masher, ladle, turner, tongs, timer, can opener, grater


Cookery book holder


Salt & pepper mill, & spice racks

Storage containers

Picnic hamper

Ice buckets, wine coolers, & cocktail shakers

Bottle opener, corkscrew & wine stoppers

Small electricals

Kettle & toaster - A 'must have' , but look out for extra features like warming, bagel toasting and so on in a toaster, and energy-saving kettles

Iron & ironing board -If you have a lot of ironing, consider a steam generator iron or a shirt & trouser press to save time!

Vacuum cleaner -The size of your home, whether you have pets, allergies or hard or carpeted floors will all make a difference in finding the right model. Brush up on your vacuum cleaner know-how with our vacuum cleaner buying guide

Microwave - Think of a larger oven if you're likely to have an expanding household! It might be worth considering a versatile combination microwave.

Food processor, blender, steamer, rice cooker - Be your own Masterchef - find out which machine's best for you in our food prep buying guide

Coffee / Espresso Machine - Think carefully about worktop space available and the capacity of machine you'd like

Breadmaker - For freshly baked bread every day. Choose your own ingredients - your favourite seeds or nuts for example - breadmakers are also ideal for those with wheat allergies. Most bread machines also make cakes

Beer/wine fridge - Love wine? Find out how to keep your bottles in tip top condition with our wine cabinets buyers guide

China & Glass

Dinner service - Think of the maximum number of people that you'd have round for a meal and then add 2 to get the number of place settings you're likely to need. For each place setting allow a dinner plate; tea plate; dessert plate; side plate; soup bowl; pasta/cereal bowl

Serving dishes, platters & gravy boat

Cups & saucers, mugs -tea, coffee and espresso

Tea pot, milk jug & sugar bowl

Butter dish

Glasses -red & white wine; champagne & cocktail, tumblers & hi-ball

Decanters, carafes, jugs


Canteen of cutlery - As with your dinner service, think of the maximum number of people you'd have round for a meal and then add 2 place settings.For each place setting allow: table fork (main course); table knife (main course); dessert fork (can double up for snacks and starters); dessert knife (doubles up for side plate, starters and cheese); dessert spoon; soup spoon; teaspoon. Add to your place settings if you don't want to wash up between courses. Don't forget the serving spoons, and whatever quantity of tea spoons you are thinking of double it - they always go missing!

Knives -
table, dessert, steak, fish

Forks - table, dessert, pastry

Spoons - dessert, soup, serving, tea spoons

Placemats, coasters, napkins & napkin rings


Bath linens

Towels -Egyptian towels are our most popular but why not splash out on our luxurious ranges such as Supima or Suvin cotton as guests will want to get you the best and you'll appreciate the superior softness and absorbency every day. Find out what suits you with our towel buying guide.

Bath mats -our deep pile Egyptian bath mats coordinate with our towels.

Beach towels - Stand out on your honeymoon with our bright nautical or multi stripe beach towels. With huge 180x100cm sizes you'll get dry and warm in no time. Ask for these to be delivered pre-honeymoon.


Bed linens

Duvets & pillows -The type of duvet and pillows you choose can make a huge difference to the quality of your sleep, so choose the best you can. Check out our bedding and duvet guide

Duvet Covers, pillow cases & sheets -Our sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases come in a range of fabrics and thread counts - this means the number of threads in a square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count, the finer and better quality the fabric. Check out our best dressed beds video for tips on simple dressing, and our bed linen buying guide

Bedspread / throw


Lampbases & shades, complete lamps, floor & ceiling lights -Use our lighting guides to help you transform your home

Cushions & throws

Clocks, mirrors, pictures & picture frames - Think about how these accessories will work together as finishing touches

Vases, ornaments, sculptures, scented candles


Suitcases -Request early delivery to get items for your honeymoon in plenty of time. Holdalls & sports bags


Don't forgetthat you can ask for vouchers as part of the GiftList which you could then use towards larger items.

Beds -Invest in the best and biggest mattress you can - a peaceful night's sleep is key to a happy marriage! Try the mattresses together in store and lie on each for at least ten minutes to ensure you find one that suits you both.


Bedside tables

Dressing table / chest of drawers

Sofa -Keep unexpected guests and the visiting family happy by adding a good quality sofa bed to your list. It's a good investment for a spare room or study, taking up less space and providing comfortable seating when not in use as a bed. We have compact options for small homes, through to king size models. Chosen well, a good sofa bed will last you for many years, and equip you for family gatherings, visiting friends and, dare we say it, your first big argument!

Dining Table & Chairs

Coffee Table, side tables, console table


Audio & TV

Television -Talk your requirements through with our in-store partners and read our TV buying guide

DVD / Blu-ray player -Blu-ray is a great way to access fantastic high definition movies. Don't forget you'll need an HDMI lead to connect the player to your TV to ensure the best possible high definition quality.

Home cinema system -Make your TV sound as good as it looks with the addition of a home cinema system

Clock radio / DAB radio -Choose from our extensive selection, including DAB / Internet radio enabled products, or ones with integrated docks to play smartphones and iPods.


Digital camera -Would a compact or SLR be better for your needs? Talk your requirements through with our in-store partners or read our digital camera buying guide

Digital photo frame
-The slide show functionality in a digital frame allows you to view your favourite pictures regularly

GPS navigation system
-Another idea for the honeymoon?

Kindle / e-book

iPod & docking station

Micro system / Wireless music system -We have something to suit every budget, whether you want a top of the range wireless or airplay enabled system, or a more basic CD / DAB and dock system.

Nintendo Wii, DS or Dsi; Playstation 3, PSP, Xbox 360- For friends who want to buy you something for fun!


-We have a laptop that caters for every need

All-in-One touchscreen desktop PC

Apple Mac Computers

-Simple, easy and fun. Ideal computers for just surfing the web or sending e-mails.


Wireless all-in-one printers
-No more wires and clutter. Hide your printer away and still be free to use it from anywhere in your house.

Computer and tablet Accessories

Printer, scanner, webcams



Fridge freezer -If you have the space, the side by side American-style models make a terrific focal point for a new home

Washing machine -There's a 3 year guarantee on our own John Lewis machines, all of which are A rated or better

Hostess trolley

Sewing machine
-Time to consider if you're thinking about making curtains and other soft furnishings

Foot spa / Massage chair

Sports & Leisure

Cross trainer, exercise bikes, treadmills, gym ball
Pool Table, football table, air hockey table