Versatile, durable and beautiful shutters can be made to fit almost any size and shape of window, and come in an array of colours and finishes. Both practical and aesthetic, shutters provide:

  • - Greater control over privacy and light levels in your home, from complete privacy when shut to complete illumination when open
  • - Reduced noise levels from outside
  • - Better temperature control, helping keep your home cool during warm weather and retaining heat during winter months
  • - An easy-to-clean, stylish addition to your home

Shutter styles

Our shutters are available in a number of different styles to complement your home, and our bespoke made to measure solution means they’ll work with almost every window out there.

Full height


Bay windows

Splay bay

Café style




French doors


Shaped and angled


Want to see what our shutters look like?

You can view displays of John Lewis shutters at these shops: Bluewater, Kingston, Oxford Street, Peter Jones, Reading, Stratford City and Watford, plus Ashford, Basingstoke, Croydon, Horsham, Newbury and Tunbridge Wells at home stores.

Find displays of Clement Browne shutters at these John Lewis shops: Aberdeen, Birmingham, Brent Cross, Cambridge, Cardiff, Cheadle, Chelmsford, Edinburgh, Exeter, Glasgow, High Wycombe, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Milton Keynes, Nottingham, Newcastle, Norwich, Oxford, Peterborough, Solihull, Southampton, Sheffield, Southsea, Trafford, Welwyn and York, plus Chester, Ipswich, Poole, Swindon, and Tamworth at home stores.

How our shutters service works

If you’re interested in adding a beautiful set of shutters to your interior, our in-store Ordering Desk Partners will be happy to help you, or to arrange a free, no-obligation home visit.

What happens during a home visit?

If you arrange a home visit, a Sales Consultant will visit you with samples of shutters to help you decide on the best style for your home and window type. They’ll also take measurements and give you an accurate quote for the cost of your shutters.

Once you’ve decided on the type and style of shutters you’d like and placed your order, we’ll be able to go ahead and make your shutters without any further visits. They’ll be ready for installation in 8-10 weeks from the date that you place your order


How can I contact you?

Depending on the location of your nearest John Lewis, you’ll either be offered John Lewis or Clement Browne shutters. For John Lewis shutters, you can contact us Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm on 0800 304 7204, or email For Clement Browne, please contact your local John Lewis shop to arrange a home visit.

Where are your shutters made?

John Lewis shutters are made in Shanghai, China. Clement Browne shutters are made in the UK and China. 

When will my home consultation take place?

For John Lewis shutters, your home visit will take place within a week of arranging it with our in-store Partners, and we’ll always aim to organise it on a day that’s convenient for you.

For Clement Browne, your home consultation can be arranged to take place within seven days of your initial query. Our Partners will put you in touch with Clement Browne to arrange your survey.

Are home visits available on Saturdays and evenings?

Yes, but these slots are limited and fill up quite quickly. 

Are custom colours available?

Yes – both John Lewis and Clement Browne shutters are available in custom colours from Dulux, Farrow & Ball and Little Greene colour charts. For John Lewis shutters, choosing a custom colour costs and extra 10%, and for Clement Browne the charge is an extra £150 per colour. 

Are special shapes available?

Yes. If you’re looking for shutters to be fitted to special-shaped windows, like circular or triangular, we can make a bespoke set for an extra £150 per shutter. 

How long are shutters guaranteed for?

John Lewis shutters are guaranteed for four years, and Clement Browne shutters are guaranteed for three years. 

Which branches are John Lewis shutters available from?

Oxford Street, Kingston, Peter Jones, Bluewater, Stratford, Tunbridge Wells, Reading, Croydon, Watford, Horsham, Newbury, Basingstoke and Ashford.

Which branches are Clement Browne shutters available from?

Aberdeen, Chester, Chichester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Ipswich, Leicester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Poole, Sheffield, Swindon, Southampton and Tamworth.

What finishes are available for John Lewis shutters?

Essential Basswood £299m2

100% hardwood entry level range with limited style options. Choice of 4 shades of white/cream and matching hinges. 64mm or 89mm louvres. Not available in tier on tier. 

Pure Poplar £330m2

100% hardwood with an even grain suitable for both paint and stain finishes. 47mm, 64mm, 76mm, 89mm & 114mm louvres. Can be custom made to fit any shape of window, with a choice of 19 paints and stains. 

Natural Elm £350m2

The natural wood effect is perfect for stained shutters. 47mm, 64mm, 76mm, 89mm & 114mm louvres. Can also be custom made to fit any shape of window, with a choice of 19 paints and stains. 

Waterproof Vinyl £330m2

Made from PVC. Polyvinyl range is completely waterproof, making it ideal for bathrooms. 64mm or 89mm louvres. Not available in tier on tier.

All range prices include VAT and installation. There is no minimum order value. 

What finishes are available for Clement Browne shutters?

The Westcliff Collection (Paulownia / Hardwood) £249.00m2 (fitting at extra cost of £50m2*)

Paulownia is a lightweight hardwood with reduced possibility of warping. It’s treated with a hardening coat prior to painting for additional strength. Available in any paint or stain colour, any type of shutter style, five louvre sizes (47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm) and a hidden hinge or hidden tilt option.

The Chalkwell Collection (Basswood / Hardwood) £312.50m2 (fitting at extra cost of £50m2*)

Our premium collection of wooden shutters.  An exceptionally stable hardwood manufactured to reduce the possibility of warping or movement. Available in any paint colour, any shutter style, five louvre sizes (47mm, 63mm, 76mm, 89mm and 114mm) and a hidden hinge or hidden tilt option.

The Leigh Collection (Wateproof shutter of PVCu) £281.50m2 (fitting at extra cost of £50m2*)

Fully moisture resistant, making it ideal for bathrooms. Very easy to clean and maintain.

Available in any paint colour in full height style, café style, bay and limited shapes, with three louvre sizes (63mm, 76mm and 89mm) and a hidden hinge or hidden tilt option.

The Barling Collection (Aluminium Security Shutter) £410.00m2 (fitting at extra cost of £50m2*)

Our best solution for improved security.  The Barling Collection is designed and engineered to look the same as a wooden plantation shutter but with a stainless steel locking system and solid two-way bolts. This collection is currently limited to white and an 89mm louvre size.

All prices include your survey, installation and VAT.