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Our experts are on hand to guide you through made-to-measure blinds for conservatories and other unique window types, as well as awnings and patio canopies. They can give style, technical and measuring advice.

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We can create blinds for awnings, patios, skylights, sliding doors and much more.

Motorised and WiFi controlled blinds

Motorised smart shades can adjust themselves automatically, creating the perfect room ambience morning, noon and night.

The battery-powered screens are wirelessly controlled, so there are no complicated building works to disrupt your home.

  • Great for tall or difficult to reach windows

  • Virtually silent mechanisms

  • Multi-function control can operate one or multiple blinds at once

  • Option to control blinds remotely with your smartphone or tablet

  • Create timed scenes so your blind automatically adjusts throughout the day

  • Set them to open gradually so you can rise naturally with the sunlight

  • Choose between battery or mains operated

Brands: John Lewis & Partners, Luxaflex, NV Blinds, Bloc, Silent Gliss, Velux 

Smart and remote blind solutions from John Lewis
Honeycomb / Duette blinds

Honeycomb / Duette blinds work with almost any window shape, from vertical and tilted to conservatory, dormer and glass wall.

  • Can sit anywhere in the window - top, bottom or middle; great for shielding TV or eyes from glare
  • Available in a wide assortment of fabrics and colours
  • Come in 3 transparencies to give precise light control and privacy
  • Have excellent insulation properties that make them ideal for keeping out summer heat or winter chill
  • Durable for easy cleaning
  • Compatible with motorised / WiFi control

Brands: John Lewis & Partners, Luxaflex

Honeycomb or Duette blind solutions from John Lewis
Pleated / Plisse blinds

Plisse single layer blinds have a small stack size when lifted to give a neat, flush finish.

  • Single layer construction offers a simple, minimal look

  • Can be combined with a black-out fabric from the honeycomb / Duette collection to create a day and night option

  • A great choice for layering with a curtain

  • Available fabric treatments include solar reflection, dirt and moisture repellent and antibacterial

  • Compatible with motorised / WiFi control

Brands: ​John Lewis & Partners, Velux, Luxaflex

Pleated blind solutions from John Lewis
Silhouette / Pirouette blinds

Silhouette and pirouette blinds allow you to adjust light levels, so you can enjoy privacy and daylight while filtering out brightness, glare and UV rays.

  • Choose from a diverse selection of fine fabrics including linen and silk

  • Easy operation either using a single pull cord to control raising, lowering and tilting or push or pull system

  • A great way to protect your privacy while allowing in plenty of natural light

  • Compatible with motorised and WiFi control

Brands: Luxaflex

Facette, silhouette and Pirouette blinds from John Lewis
Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds offer excellent sunlight control; simply adjust vertical louvres to reduce level of light or glare.

  • Suited to larger French windows and sliding doors

  • Wide selection of colour, fabric and transparency options

  • Manual or motorised controls

  • Available with treatments including solar reflection and moisture repellent and antibacterial

  • For a showstopping window treatment, the Vertical Wave range from Silent Gliss offers stunning laser-cut louvres

Brands: John Lewis & Partners, Luxaflex

Vertical blind solutions available from John Lewis
Skylight blinds

Skylight blinds are the ideal choice to control the amount of daylight a room receives through roof or ceiling windows.

Options include:

  • Blackout; controls light and heat intake and loss

  • Solar; powered by solar energy

  • Roller; simple and elegant, diffuses light and ensures privacy

  • Pleated; creates colourful, diffused light effects

  • Venetian; ideal for humid kitchens and bathrooms, regulates temperature

  • Motorised; perfect for difficult to reach spaces

  • Awning; unique external blinds that can reduce the heat entering a room by up to 76%

  • Insect screen; enjoy fresh air in the summer without unwelcome guests. Can be combined with all types of blind.

Brands: Luxaflex, Bloc, Velux

Skylight blind solutions from John Lewis
Conservatory blinds

Blinds will keep your conservatory cool in the summer and warm in the winter, so you can enjoy it all year round.

  • Hand-crafted by experts working to a tailor-made design for your conservatory

  • Simple design means that there's a minimum of control cords, and a fuss-free operation

  • Fade-free materials are designed to withstand harsh sunlight

  • Options include pleated, roller, wood slat venetians, pinoleum and Perfect Fit

  • 5-year warranty

Brands: John Lewis & Partners, Oakhurst 

Conservatory blinds from John Lewis
Clip-in system blinds

Clip-in systems enable roller blinds to be fitted on to almost all windows, including double-glazed uPVC frames.

  • The innovative frames fit neatly on to the window

  • Little to no gap at the edges; provides the best blackout solution

  • Outstanding thermal efficiency

  • Window sills are left clutter-free

  • Easily removed for cleaning

  • No stray cords or loops

  • Ideal for pleated, roller and honeycomb / Duette

Brands: Luxaflex, Bloc

Clip in blind systems from John Lewis
Luxaflex Awnings

Awnings keep you cool on the hottest days, but also enable you to enjoy using your patio when the weather is less than perfect, so it becomes a proper extension to your home.

  • Wide range of fabric styles and colours which offer maximum weather protection

  • Filters 90% of UV rays

  • Resists fading and temperature extremes

  • 5-year guarantee

  • Crank rod or motorised operation

  • TUV quality standard for awning systems


Awnings available from John Lewis
Lanai Awnings & Verandas

Keeping  you cool on the hottest days, enabling you to enjoy using your patio when the weather is less than perfect, or even adding a glass room to your home, the Lanai range of all-weather awnings and verandas offer beautiful options for extending your indoor space outdoors.

  • Robust build, offering maximum weather protection against wind, rain and UV radiation
  • Some options have remote-controlled capabilities to change the size and shape of the space
  • Dimmable LED lighting and instant infra-red heaters are some of the optional extras available
  • 5-year guarantee on motors, 10 years on everything else
  • Awnings can be installed in a day, glass verandas or rooms take 2 - 3 days
  • Call 0345 610 0357 to discuss your requirements and arrange a home survey.




Lanai Awnings & Verandas available from John Lewis