S+ By Resmed Non-Contact Sleep Monitor

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S+ By Resmed Non-Contact Sleep Monitor

S+ By Resmed Non-Contact Sleep Monitor

Product description

Product code: 85957415

Don’t let your days be marred by sleepless nights with ResMed’s state-of-the-art S+ Sleep Monitor. This top tech teams up with your smart device wirelessly to make your downtime as relaxing as possible. It tracks the light, sound and temperature of your bedroom, lulls you to sleep with special harmonies and wakes you up gradually to get you refreshed for the coming day. As a non-contact tracker, all you have to do is pop the slick body on your bedside table to guarantee a better night’s sleep.

Drift Off Peacefully
Before your head hits the pillow, the S+ will detect noise, light and temperature levels to advise on the perfect sleep environment. Once you’re ready to nod off, this clever smart device synchs up to your pre-sleep breathing and plays soothing sounds to help you drift off.

Clear Your Mind
Stress for the coming day is one of the biggest causes of a bad night’s sleep. The S+ helps you declutter your thoughts with the Mind Clear function. This feature’s simple text and voice tools lets you record tomorrow’s to-do list, so the tracker does all the over-thinking for you.

Wake Up Refreshed
This monitor’s specially-designed alarm will wake you up at the ideal sleep stage, getting you set to tackle the day energised. It lulls you from heavy sleep to light sleep before waking you up – a gradual process perfect for a soothing morning. Just set a time window that suits you, and the S+ will take over.

Analyse Your Sleep
If you’re not feeling refreshed from your sleep, the S+ will help you understand why. By pinging personalised daily feedback to your phone or tablet, it will tell you what’s influencing your sleep patterns so you can fix them. This way, you’ll work towards the perfect sleep, every night.

Non-Contact, Wireless Operation
Unlike other sleep monitors, you don’t need to wear anything. All you do is synch it up to your smart phone or tablet, tinker with the settings, pop it on your bedside table and get comfortable.

Product specification
Bluetooth Enabled
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NFC enabled