Buy Samsung RF23R62E3B1 American-Style Freestanding 75/25 Fridge Freezer, 91cm Wide, Stainless Black Online at

Samsung RF23R62E3B1 American-Style Freestanding 75/25 Fridge Freezer, 91cm Wide, Stainless Black

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H1782mm x W91.3 x D73.1cm

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Beneath its sleek, black exterior, the RF23R62E3B1 3-door large capacity Fridge Freezer from Samsung boasts the lastest cooling technology and a range of smart storage solutions to help you keep an organised cool space. It's exterior is designed to reduce smudges and fingerprints so it always looks its best.

Twin Cooling Plus™
Wouldn't it be good if all your food in the fridge stayed fresher for longer? Samsung Twin Cooling Plus™ does exactly that.

Plumbed Water & Ice Dispenser
Help yourself to chilled filtered water or a jug of ice without having to open the fridge.

Multi-Door Design
The multi-door design opens wide to give your family easy access and more flexible storage to organise your kitchen life.

EZ Open Handles
Open the mid and freezer drawers with a gentle pull using the EZ-OpenHandles. Simply lift up the handle and it breaks the door’s vacuum seal. The drawer will glide open without having to pull hard— ideal for when you’ve only got one hand spare.

Digital Inverter Compressor
The Digital Inverter Compressor monitors and adjusts temperature to keep it constantly perfect, making our fridges more efficient.

Door Alarm
The Door Alarm reminds you to close the fridge door when it's open too long and helps you save energy.

Vacation Mode
Going away for a while? Switch your freezer to Vacation Mode and it’ll reduce its energy consumption until you return.

LED Lighting
Want lighting that’s evenly spread, more energy efficient and more durable? LED Lighting ticks all these boxes.

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