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sloggi Tanga Briefs, Pack of 2, Black

sloggi Tanga Briefs, Pack of 2, Black


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96% cotton, 4% lycra
Material Type
Cotton blend
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Pack of 2
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Machine washable

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In 1978 Sloggi was launched under the slogan 'the cotton revolution.' Sloggi designed and manufactured soft, smooth, easy care briefs in an innovative new fabric 'core spun cotton Lycra®, and quickly became a household name and the best selling branded brief in the world. In fact, in just 25 years, over 1 billion briefs have been sold in more than 30 countries.

Today, 550 briefs are produced every minute to keep up with the demand. The annual production of Sloggi weighs around 3,300 tons, which is about the weight of 18 jumbo jets, and if a year's worth of Sloggi boxes were laid end to end, it would stretch 12,000 km - which is the world's diameter!

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The secret of Sloggis’ enduring success are the numerous innovations in fabric – the main one being core spun cotton Lycra®. This process wraps fine combed cotton around every single Lycra® thread, giving you numerous benefits, including: superb two-way stretch for a fantastic fit; the comfort of cotton next to your skin; good shape retention even after constant washing; and it’s easy to care for. This, coupled with on trend colours and styles, ensures Sloggi underwear looks as good as it feels.

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  • Buy sloggi Tanga Briefs, Pack of 2, Black, S Online at
  • Buy sloggi Tanga Briefs, Pack of 2, Black, S Online at
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