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Boost your creative potential with our Haberdashery selection. Our Haberdashery department aims to supply you with the equipment, tools and exciting accessories to enable you to create and repair your garments with ease. Whether you are a child, beginner or have a more advanced skill set, we are confident that we have just the right Haberdashery products for you to enjoy. We recommend perfecting simple and cross stitching techniques to allow you to mend wear and tear issues. This type of needlecraft will also help you to develop a strong foundation for embroidery designs further down the line. For professional dressmakers and aspiring designers, we suggest investing in the best sewing machine to empower your fashionable creations. We also supply sewing machine components such as specialised footers, bobbins and needles to perform a multitude of functions. Make the necessary adjustments with our dressmaking accessories such as cutting mats, rotary cutters and scissors. Additionally, those wanting to take their ability to an expert level, endorse getting a dress model to make accurate measurements as well as providing them with a tool for displaying stylish clothing. To make cosy jumpers, snoods and cardigans, check out our knitting and crochet section. This category includes premium wool and yarn to make luxurious items with a special handmade touch. We have also included templates to make the knitting process simpler. Keep all your Haberdashery items safe and easy to locate with our basket and storage options.
  • Can you order fabric online?

    Yes. You can order fabric online from John Lewis. Why not browse through our extensive range of dressmaking fabric composed of attractive and alluring designs, to create your own unique clothing range.