Tile Sport, Phone, Keys, Item Finder, 1 Pack, Grey

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Tile Sport, Phone, Keys, Item Finder, 1 Pack, Grey

Tile Sport, Phone, Keys, Item Finder, 1 Pack, Grey

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Product description

Product code: 70480314

Tile Sport is the most powerful tracker as it'll find your keys, gym bag or any other item up to 200 feet using your smartphone, tablet or smartwatch. You can also use it to locate your lost devices.

New and improved design
The Sport model is waterproof up to 1.5 meters deep for 60 minutes, making ideal to have when you're planning to play some water sports. It's twice as loud as previous models and has an improved proximity meter to make finding your lost items easier.

How it works

  • Attachment: The Tile's compact, lightweight and innovative design means you can easily attach it to most objects that you're worried you might lose. For example, it easily hooks onto your house, car or bike keys, but can also be attached to your laptop, bike or handbag, even your suitcase.
  • Detection: Once your smartphone is within 200-foot Bluetooth signal of the Tile it'll start the hunt. As you get closer to the lost object the signal will get stronger and the distinctive melody (up to 98 decibels) of the Tile can be heard.
  • Use Tile to Find Your Phone
    On those days you can't find your phone you can use the Tile to locate it. Just press your Tile twice to make your phone ring (even if it's on silent) as long as it's within 200-foot Bluetooth range.

    Easy app
    The app is simple to set up and straightforward to use. It'll automatically record the last time and place you had your missing item, so you can pinpoint it on a map. It also lets you use other devices to sign in to your Tile app and enables you to reach out to the wider Tile Community to find your your missing possessions.

    Durable design
    The Tile is built to last around 1 year is water resistant (IP68) to prevent it from damaging when caught in the rain or drops in water (up to 1.5m for 60 mins).

    Compatible with

    • iOS: iPhone (Released 2011 or later), iPad (Released 2012 or later), iPad Mini, iPod Touch and Apple Watch
    • Android: Samsung Galaxy (S5 or later), Samsung Note (4 or later), Nexus (4 or later), OnePlus (one or later), HTC one (M8 or later), Motorola Moto X, and most Android devices equipped with Android 4.4 (Kitkat) or later and Bluetooth 4.0 or later

    Product specification
    Compatible with
    Bluetooth LE, iOS and Android
    H40 x W40 x D5.9mm
    Model name / number