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Belling Farmhouse 90EI Electric Induction Range Cooker, Black



H90-93cm x W90cm x D60cm

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Boasting both brains and beauty, the Farmhouse 90EI Electric Induction Range Cooker from Belling is sure to become the cornerstone of any kitchen.

Energy efficiency
Awarded an A for energy efficiency, you can rely on the 90EI range cooker to help you make significant savings on your energy bills while reducing your impact on the environment.

Induction cooking
Thanks to quick and energy efficient induction heating, the smart hob provides almost instant heat and allows you to precisely control cooking temperature at your fingertips using modern touch controls and a digital display. For maximum flexibility and even more energy-saving, Belling's smart pan detection only heats the area directly beneath your cookware, no matter where it's placed on any of the 4 induction zones. Other handy features include pan overheat detection, a child lock and a boost function.

Main oven
The main oven hosts a generous capacity of 58L as well as 2 removable shelves that can be adjusted to 3 different positions. This fan oven distributes heat evenly throughout the cavity to preserve flavour and produce thorough cooking results. It also comes equipped with a programmable timer and defrost function.

Tall oven
The tall fan oven offers a huge capacity of 86L that includes 3 shelves that can be arranged in 25 different positions. Ideal for batch baking, this component of the 90EI offers even more flexibility, while achieving consistent and professional results.

Variable electric grill
The separate grill cavity allows you to adjust the grilling power to suit any requirement. This variable electric grill features a precise temperature dial that can be used to enhance preheating times and ensure you maximise productivity with your cooking. If you are grilling a small portion, the inner section can be isolated, helping you save even more energy.

Easy to clean
The specially designed enamel interior means cleaning your oven is not the dreaded task it used to be. Food deposits and spillages can simply be wiped off the surface as the interior prevents anything from fusing to it, allowing you to keep your oven in pristine condition. Similarly, the surface of the hob is made from wipe-clean ceramic glass for an even quicker clean-up.

Please note: If you have a heart pacemaker, do seek advice from your doctor before using an induction hob.

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