When we deliver your new home appliance, our delivery Partners can install it too, and remove your existing appliance for recycling, or re-use the item where possible, at the same time.
Simply add both the Installation and Recycling Service options to your basket alongside your new home appliance.

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What to check?

To ensure a successful installation, before booking please review our short videos and checklist.

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How to ensure a successful installation cookers


In order for us to be able to successfully install your new appliance, we need you to carry out some checks within your home to ensure your new appliance will be compatible.

The five-point checklist

Watch the vidoe to find out what you need to check before booking an installation service. 

What to Expect: cooker Installations


We can deliver and install your new hob, cooker or oven, so you’ll be set up and ready to enjoy it. 

Find out what to expect and the benefits of our installation service by watching the short video.

It’s vital that you check the five points explained in the video to ensure your new appliance will work in your home. 

Below, we explain what you need to check and what to do if your current setup isn’t suitable for the appliance you’d like to buy.

If your appliance will be delivered directly from the supplier, for example range cookers, and you would like them to complete an installation service please call 0345 604 8835 to book once you have purchased the appliance.


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If you’re planning to switch fuel type – from gas to electricity, for example – our engineers can help, but you must have the correct supply already in place, and within one metre of where you want the new cooker to go.

Our installation team will need to temporarily interrupt your gas supply to allow a safe installation, so we'll endeavour to restart any gas appliances in your home - please note, we're not responsible for any appliance that fails to restart, including central heating and gas boilers.

What to do if your setup is unsuitable?

Even if your gas cooker has an electric clock, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have the correct electricity supply in place, so always doublecheck.

If you have no electricity supply, including if the supply is over 1 metre away from your desired cooker location, speak with a qualified electrician about the work required.

Amerage image 1


If you’ve chosen an electric hob, make sure you have sufficient power for it. For a traditional plug outlet, your new hob must have a power rating of no more than 13 amps – look for the amperage on our product specifications.

If you have a cooker switch, you can opt for a more powerful, higher rated appliance. As long as the circuit is equal to or above the rating of the hob amperage then it is possible to install.

What to do if your setup is unsuitable?

If you’re not sure of your current setup, try looking at your fuse box. This should tell you the amp rating of your hob circuit, which you can then compare with the amperage of your chosen appliance.

Speak to a qualified electrician if you have any concerns or questions about your power supply. 


Measurements Image


Please check the dimensions of your chosen oven. The space between either side of the cooker and any units must be in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines. You’ll find all the information you need in the product specifications on our website. 

What to do if your setup is unsuitable?

We are unable to complete any adjustments on the day. A tradesperson may be required before booking an installation. 

Clearannce image


You also need to check that the clearance between the hob and any cooker hood or kitchen unit above is within the manufacturer’s guidelines. A gas hob will usually need more clearance. Specific manufacturer's guidelines can be found on individual hobs imagery. 

What to do if your setup is unsuitable?

If the clearance height is not suitable, the height of the cooker hob or kitchen unit above will need to be adjusted. A tradesperson may be required. 


Hot zone image


The area between the hob and hood is known as the ‘hot zone’, and this must be clear of any plug sockets or flammable materials. 

  • Wallpaper
  • Plug Sockets
  • Window sills
  • Blinds
  • Curtains

What to do if your setup is unsuitable?

These must be removed before any installation can go ahead. Depending on the complexity, you may need to book a tradesperson or electrician to carry out the work before booking an installation.

Download and complete the installation checklist before booking a service

Please note that if your existing home setup doesn’t meet all five of the requirements, we may not be able to install your new hob on the day.

Download installation checklist


Installation Price

Freestanding Electric Cooker: £75

Freestanding Gas Cooker: £85

Freestanding Dual Fuel Cooker: £100


Per appliance: £20

If you have only booked a recycling service, please ensure your current appliance has been safely disconnected from the electricity supply. For gas appliances, please seek qualified help to do this. .Read about our guide to recycling electrical and electronic products

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If your appliance will be delivered directly from the supplier and you would like them to complete an installation service please call 0345 604 8835 to book once you have purchased the appliance.

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