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Siemens Home Appliances

Imagine a world where functional doesn’t mean boring, where outstanding becomes the standard and where you are no longer pressed for time. Welcome to the new world of Siemens.

Offering you the perfect balance between modern design and innovative technology, Siemens appliances sit seamlessly together
in your home.



Experience effortless, efficient washing and drying with intelligent design, thanks to iSensoric technology that perfectly looks after your clothes.



The Siemens hob range combines eye-catching design with ease of use, together with innovativetechnology. All created to coordinate beautifully with other Siemens appliances.



Take control of what you eat and when with cooling appliances from Siemens, packed with intelligent technology that keeps food fresher for longer.



Sleek designs that fit perfectly into any modern kitchen, Siemens ovens house an impressive range of features to help you save time.


Cooker Hoods

The finishing touch for your kitchen, Siemens hoods benefit from coordinated designs with our other kitchen appliances and banish steam, grease and cooking smells efficiently.



Discover dishwashers that are easy to use and designed to perform, with features that save you time and keep your energy consumption to a minimum.