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Drones (13)

Anyone who enjoys remote control gadgetry will have fun flying a drone. Starting at around £100, drones have varying levels of technical ability. Some can be programmed to follow a particular route, and all will alllow you to take and store photos (often in HD) using the built-in camera. More advanced models will capture video; footage is streamed via wi-fi or bluetooth directly to your smartphone, allowing you to watch what's being recorded in real time.

Some drones also come with cardboard viewers to enable you to experience virtual reality as your drone captures video. The more sophisticated Parrot's quadricopter drones allow for greater tricks, enabling you to fine-tune camera settings and programme automatic movements in director mode.

Be safe and legal when you use a drone. You must keep the unmanned aircraft within your sight at all times, you're responsible for it when it's in the air, and there are limited places where you're permitted to use your drone. Further information is available from the Civil Aviation Authority, and on our product pages.