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Children's Rooms

Kids' Rooms

A child’s room is their safe haven – a place they can go to play, read and dream. We’ve put together a guide to creating a space they’ll love for years to come.

The first step is deciding on colour. A child’s room needs to be a calm space, but with enough interest to inspire them. Try lighter neutrals with tones of orange, yellow, purple or blue, or opt for understated plain or textured wallpaper and one feature wall.


Water-based eggshell paints can be scrubbed clean – perfect if they come into contact with crayons


When it comes to buying bedroom furniture for your child’s room, the key is longevity.

Our children’s furniture ranges pass all British Standards safety and quality tests. We go beyond the legal requirement when we design our furniture, so that you and your child can both sleep soundly.

Kids grow up so fast and switching to a ‘grown-up’ bed is an important milestone. From toddler beds to bunks, we have a variety of beds that are sure to see them through to teenage years.

When choosing your child's new bed:

  • Ensure the bed complies with the relevant child’s domestic bed safety standard
  • Only use child or junior single beds for children over the age of 4 years (18kg/40lbs)
  • Place beds either tight to the wall or with a gap of 30cm: this should be sufficient to help prevent a child getting trapped between the bed and wall should they fall out
  • Use a guard rail to start with to help your child settle into their new environment and stop them from rolling out of bed
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when putting furniture together

Toddler beds

Toddler beds are a great mid-point between a cot and their first grown-up bed. Featuring side rails to prevent active sleepers from falling out, they accommodate cot bed mattresses (140 x 70cm), making them great value.

Single beds

When your child is ready for their first single bed, look for simple and neutral designs that work with any bedding – their tastes change along with their favourite themes or characters

Mid sleepers & bunk beds

Suitable from the age of 6, mid sleepers and bunk beds are ideal when space is at a premium. As well as maximising room, many provide an area for play and study when homework rolls in.


The right support for a growing body is essential to make sure your child has a night’s sleep that will set them up for the day ahead.

All the mattresses in our children’s range are comfortable but designed to offer firmer support – whether it’s fibre or pocket sprung. A mattress that’s too soft can have a negative impact on growing bones.


For many children, the most exciting part of their bedroom – with the exception of toys, of course – is their bedding, especially if they’ve chosen it themselves.

Duvet covers & pillowcases

As well as all our favourite brands, including HarlequinAnyday and Disney, our little home by John Lewis range offers quality bedlinen with fun designs at great value. From swimming with sharks to joining the elephants on parade, there’s something for all ages and tastes.

Look for comfort and easy care. We have both cotton bedlinen, which is breathable and soft against the skin, and polycotton, which is ideal for younger children as it‘s durable and easy to wash. Our duvet covers only need minimal ironing.

Duvets & pillows

The right duvet and pillow can be the difference between a fitful and a restful night’s sleep. Remember, though, that they’re not suitable for children under 12 months.

We offer a range of synthetic and natural filled duvet and pillows, including anti-allergy, wool, cotton, and duck feather and down.

  • When choosing a full size duvet for a child, it’s best to stick with a lighter weight duvet between 4.5 and 7 tog (unless their bedroom is very cold). 10.5 togs are suitable for children from 6 years old and above. A heavier 13.5 tog duvet may well prove uncomfortable or unsafe and is not recommended
  • When choosing a pillow for a child over 12 months old, look for a flatter or softer pillow, as this will offer them support without putting strain on their neck
Curtains & blinds

Curtains and blinds can help ensure your child gets a good night’s sleep, as well as finish their room in style.


For quality sleep, blackout lined curtains are a must-have for a child’s room.

We stock a large selection of ready made and made-to-order blackout curtains in a variety of colours and patterns. Plus, we also offer curtains in our little home by John Lewis range, specially designed to be mixed and matched with our bedding collections.

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A blind might be a better fit for your child’s room. A blackout blind will be made from densely-woven fabric that minimises the amount of light that’s able to enter. Our roller blinds have straight ends, but we can supply other styles from our made-to-order service

Coated with a child-friendly blackout solution, all our internal window blinds meet with the British standard BS EN 13120:2009+A1:2014 and are confirmed as ‘safe by design’ following legislation passed in February 2014.

Aimed at preventing entanglement, they’re fitted with a ‘spring control mechanism’ so there’s no need for looped cords or chains. It’s advisable to keep any cords out of the reach of young children by moving furniture away from windows if possible.

Find out more about blind safety in our blinds buying guide.

Wardrobes, drawers & storage

From tidy drawers and classic wardrobes to impressive desk units and combination storage, we have something to suit every room.

  • Think ahead – as they get older, the clothes they have will invariably get bigger and their toy collection ever more impressive
  • Be strategic – if space is limited, you have twins or another one on the way, try bunk beds (for children aged 6 and over only), cabin beds or bed and desk units that are practical and stylish
  • Use colour – even if you are determined to keep the walls white (despite artistic attempts with pens and crayons), adding colour to their room in the shape of statement furniture can create calming and playful areas in one space

Make a statement with storage and shelving while encouraging the kids to keep their rooms tidy with fun and exciting additions.

Look for classic trunks and blanket boxes that are perfect for under or at the end of the bed, or exciting LEGO bricks ideal for toys or keeping their burgeoning LEGO collection tidy at the end of a long day of play.

Finishing touches

Once all the essentials have been ticked off the list, the final finishing touches come into play to give your child a real sense that this is their room to love and enjoy.


For bedside lighting, our little home by John Lewis range is child-safe and meets with the British Standard BS EN 60598-2-10, which ensures that it works with an extra low voltage transformer, has an ‘inline card’ switch and there’s no access to the bulb so children don’t touch hot parts.

Cushions, throws & rugs

Ideal for mixing and matching with bedding and furnishings, there are a number of cushions, rugs and throws available from our little home by John Lewis range that fit perfectly with any theme your child could dream up.

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Whether they have their own bathroom or share with the rest of the family, it’s quick and easy to make bath time something to look forward to rather than a battle of wills.

  • If you want to bring a little bit of colour into your bathroom, we stock a range of playful shower curtains along with bath toys suitable for all ages to keep the kids amused
  • We have a range of towels and bathrobes designed to be mixed and matched with our little home by John Lewis bedding – soft, warm and snuggly comfort before bedtime

Study time

Having a dedicated study space makes sure your child can concentrate, whether they have a whole room or just a corner.

Space to spare

If you have a large area to work with:

  • Creative chairs and tables are great for encouraging younger children to settle down and enjoy learning
  • Pop beanbags and throws in a calm corner where you can read, learn and discover together. They can be stored away in a cupboard when not in use


Our kids' beanbags are double-lined, so that if the cover should accidentally split in the middle of playtime, no filling will fall out.

  • As they grow up, a desk may be more suited to their needs, especially when the homework load increases
  • A good bookcase will house a growing collection of books to encourage even the most reluctant reader
Small but perfectly formed

It’s still possible to transform a small space into something useful. Look for versatile units that combine bedsteads with desk areas to optimise space and provide a dedicated area for study.

Thinking outside the box – work spaces can have a real impact on the look and feel of a room. A ladder desk ticks both the space saving and style boxes, giving the kids an area for writing or using a laptop while also providing storage space for books.

Storage, Shelving and Accessories

If space is limited, a wall organisation system is a simple and effective alternative to drawers.

Box and floating shelves are great for keeping books, trinkets and toys tucked away or opt for fun storage baskets to keep things tidy.


A specific play space for younger children in particular is great for ensuring they don’t get distracted at bedtime or as you’re trying to get them ready for school.

Creating an area that sparks their imagination and lets them lose themselves in fun and adventure for a few hours is well worth taking a couple of extra steps. It’s easy to transform a corner or one wall with some striking wallpaper or block colours that still fit with the feeling of the room.

Other bits and bobs

  • Fun storage designed specifically for children is sure to encourage them to clear their toys away when they’re finished
  • If space is a little tight, consider adapting a truckle to a play table or for storage if you don’t need the additional mattress. It provides a large space for kids to play with their toys and can be neatly tucked away when not in use
  • Teepees are a great way of creating a world of fun kids will love to escape to and many can be used inside or out, weather permitting of course!
  • Wall stickers can add interest and adventure to plain walls and many of ours can be mixed and matched with the little home by John Lewis collections.