Womenswear size guide

When buying fashion online you'll want to choose the right size make sure you get the perfect fit every time, so we recommend double checking your measurements and referring to the chart below. Size and fit can vary from brand to brand, so please use the chart as a general guide only. Browse our womenswear here, and find out more about our in-store Personal Styling service.

Measuring tips

First of all, it's best to stand barefoot in your underwear. For best results take your measurements a few times or get someone else to measure you. take care not to hold your measuring tape too loosely or too tightly.


Place the measuring tape around your body over the fullest part
of your bust, making sure the tape is sitting well under your arms and spans your shoulder blades. For selecting the right bra size, see our lingerie size guide.


Measure around the slimmest part of your natural waistline - generally the point where your body creases when you bend slightly forwards or where you find it most comfortable to wear your waistbands.


Standing with your feet together, measure around your hips
at the widest point - usually over your bottom or at the top of
your thighs - and approximately 20cm (8in) below your natural waistline.

Inside leg

Measure from the top of your inside leg at the crotch to the floor - better for trousers to be too long than too short!

Jackets and coats

Because these are normally worn over other clothing, you'll find we've been more generous with the sizing, so you shouldn't need to go up a size to allow for layering.


Garment lengths can differ from style to style, so for trousers, dresses and skirts, refer to the individual product description. These lengths are approximate.

Size chart

Our chart is designed to be a general guide only, and if you find you're not a precise match, it's always best to go up a size. Bear in mind that different brands might fit you differently, depending on style and cut.

Where we stock petite ranges such as Precis Petite, these are intended for women 5'4" and under. Some clothing ranges will also include size 6 or 20 - 24.

Size Bust cm/in Waist cm/in Hips cm/in
4 76/30 58/22 83.5/32
6 78.5/31 60.5/23 86/33
8 81/32 63/24 88.5/34
10 86/34 68/26 93/36
12 91/36 73/28 98.5/38
14 96/38 78/30 103.5/40
16 101/40 83/32 108.5/42
18 108.5/43 90.5/35 116/45
20 116/45.5 98/38.5 123.5/48.5
22 122/48 104/41 129.5/51
24 128/50.5 110/43.5 135.5/53

Jeans and Trousers

Size in/cm
Short 30"/76cm
Regular 32"/81cm
Long 34"/86cm

Dress and Skirt lengths

Dress length: from collar to hem
Mini 79-90cm
Mid 91-130cm
Maxi 131-155cm
Skirt length: from waist to hem
Mini 30-40cm
Mid 41-65cm
Maxi 66-105cm

International Sizing

Tops, dresses, skirts, jackets, coats and swimwear

Size UK European US
XS 4 32 1
  6 34 2
S 8 36 4
  10 38 6
M 12 40 8
  14 42 10
L 16 44 12
  18 46 14
XL 20 48 16
  22 50 18
XXL 24 52 20

Size chart for cup size swimwear and bras

UK European US
32A 70A 32A
32B 70B 32B
32C 70C 32C
32D 70D 32D
32DD 70E 32DD/E
32E 70F 32DDD/F
32F 70G 32G
34A 75A 34A
34B 75B 34B
34C 75C 34C
34D 75D 34D
34DD 75E 34DD/E
34E 75F 34DDD/F
34F 75G 34G
36A 80A 36A
36B 80B 36B
36C 80C 36C
36D 80D 36D
36DD 80E 36DD/E
36E 80F 36DDD/F
36F 80G 36G
38A 85A 38A
38B 85B 38B
38C 85C 38C
38D 85D 38D
38DD 85DD 38DD/E
38E 85E 38DDD/F

Personal Styling service

If you need expert help finding this season's black, why not try our in-store Fashion Advice Service?

Just book an appointment with one of our trained advisors, who'll help you with the newest looks and trends, and make sure that the clothes they choose for you work with each other. It's a free service, and available in all our shops (except John Lewis High Wycombe and at Home shops). Find out more.

Tips from our Womenswear Partners

Fiona, John Lewis Solihull

"Unless they're deliberately cropped, trousers should always skim the floor at the back of your heel; you'll probably find you can't wear the same pair with different height heels.

Make sure you look at the fabric composition of an item, to give you a better idea of how it will fit and hang. For example, a product with stretch will be flexible for sizing, but is also likely to have a snug fit. "

Alcia, John Lewis Watford

"When you try on new clothes, wear the correct underwear or shapewear to get a more realistic view of how it will look.

Our clothing is made all over the world by different brands, and you'll find that the standard UK size measurements may not always be used. Check the brand’s own size guide on the product page to see how they measure each size."

Amanda, John Lewis Oxford Street

"Jackets and coats are designed to wear over other items, so you don’t have to go up a size to make room for layers."