Wondering how to pick your baby’s first shoes? Step this way

How to buy baby's first shoes
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When should your baby start wearing shoes? And which are the best? Read on for all the tricks and tips

A baby's first steps are a huge milestone in their life – let alone for the parents, who spend every waking moment from 9 to 18 months with phone poised to record the occasion.

Whether your baby needs shoes for crawling, pre-walking or those first actual steps, it’s important that they have the right ones – and not only to make sure they look the part for their historic journey. Your baby's feet need proper support and good-quality materials, so here’s our guide to getting the most out of those first shoes. 

What type should a baby’s first shoe be?

It depends what stage they’re at. Before they start walking, many children crawl or ‘cruise’, where they stand up and take steps while holding on to furniture. Shoes aren’t essential at this stage, but if you have cold floorboards or you want something to protect their feet, go for a pair of pre-walkers. These are lightweight with a thin, flexible sole that’s mainly for protection rather than support. 

Once your baby is walking, they’ll need proper shoes with a sturdy sole – but one that still moves flexibly. To make your life easier, go for a fastening that’s quick and easy to secure, such as Velcro or a buckle. Laces are probably best suited to a slightly older child who’s happy to stand still for a few seconds while you tie them, not a toddler who’s just learning how exciting the world is on two feet. 

And if you are heading into a store, our children’s shoe-fitting service will help you find the right pair. There are fitters available in all our shops with children’s shoe departments. 


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