These heavenly perfumes are made for crisp autumn days

Perfumes - Gucci Flora and Burberry Goddess
Gilly Ferguson,-Contributing Editor

Spirit-lifting, sensual, stylish and sexy – meet the new fragrances to fall for 

Autumn? ’Tis the season of mists (and mellow fruitfulness) but it’s also bustling with enticing new fragrances – from the crisp, creamy and cocooning to the wild, woody and warm, the attention-seekers and mood-boosters to the sultry scents with a side of spice.

This time of year is made for fragrance – for him, for her, for all fragrance families – and we’ve whittled them down to the (very) best…


Why save florals for spring? If sweet, warming scents are your go-to, make a beeline for powerful but delicate sambac, ylang-ylang, jasmine and neroli-laced perfumes. The perfect spirit-lifters on cold, crisp (but totally carefree) autumn days, nothing will elevate your autumn/winter wardrobe quite like this cocktail of moody blooms. 


Prefer your autumnal fragrances fresher in feel? Opt for fig, bergamot, orange blossom and waterlily-laced scents that offer a crisp, fruity twist on more traditional wood and amber bases. Think of them as attention-seeking ‘peacock perfumes’, soaked with citrus-based top notes for clarity, but with a subtly seductive patchouli base.


As with our clothing, autumnal scents are traditionally more substantial than their springy counterparts, with spicy, rich and woody notes to envelop our senses. If you find yourself flocking back to warmer, smoky scents as the leaves turn gold then brown, you’ll love the head-clearing properties of patchouli and the decadent oakmoss musks. Douse your wrists (and your favourite knit) and wait for the compliments to roll in.


Inviting yet powerful, with the cocooning comfort of a warm, creamy autumnal perfume, these sensual, skin-soaking scents feature notes of bergamot, neroli and saffron, softened with cocoa shell, tonka bean and vanilla. Created for those brisk October mornings when you can see your breath, these are the intoxicating ‘stop-and-stare’ scents that come with kudos (and phone numbers) as standard.

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