The 10 best hair products of all time, according to a pro stylist

best haircare products
Gilly Ferguson,-Contributing Editor

Build a haircare capsule wardrobe and keep your ’do in tip-top condition

What are the products you really need in order to keep your hair looking (and feeling) its very best?

Much like your fashion capsule wardrobe, there are key haircare staples that can create a variety of looks for every occasion and hair type. 

We enlisted the help of Zoë Irwin (global GHD ambassador, John Frieda creative director and Matrix trend ambassador) to talk us through the top ten products to see you through every season. 


‘A non-negotiable element of your haircare wardrobe, I recommend tailoring your shampoo to your hair type and alternating according to your style,’ says Zoë.

‘I love to use a volumising shampoo before a bouncy blow-dry, while smoothing and hydrating shampoos work well for sleeker looks, especially when you want to air-dry. Many of my clients have up to three different shampoos that they rotate depending on their needs.’ 


‘As with shampoo, conditioner should be tailored according to your hair type,’ Zoë explains. ‘Alternate between a more moisturising formula and a lighter version applying to the midlengths and ends. Use on alternate days for a more styleable texture.’



‘A treatment mask is a must and will penetrate deeper than a day-to-day conditioner so I recommend using one once or twice a week. Using a protein mask for strength and a moisture mask for hydration – the more often you do it, the better your colour and styling results will be,’ Zoë says.

‘For textured and curly hair, do a double application once a week for the bounciest, softest curls.’


Dry shampoo

‘Such a versatile product – dry shampoo is an absolute must-have,’ Zoë says. ‘Great for adding texture before styling, for giving lift to a second-day blow-dry and for those mornings when washing your hair just isn’t an option – it’s the little black dress of the hair world.

‘My top tip is to apply dry shampoo before you sleep where it can absorb any excess oil throughout the night, then simply brush it out in the morning.’


Salt spray

‘A go-to for adding volume and imparting an effortless surfy texture, a salt spray also adds grip to hair that makes it the perfect base for an updo or braid,’ Zoë says. ‘Spritz through before you tong for that undone, cool-girl vibe.’



‘There’s nothing like this classic styling product to hold your style and add shine. Hairspray works wonders on ponytails and seals a blow-dry, offering an anti-humidity effect,' Zoë explains.

Hair oil

Hair oil is surprisingly versatile,’ Zoë begins. ‘As well as being moisturising – I love to rub it over my hands before working it into wet hair – it can also be used to add shine to dehydrated hair while giving an instant gloss effect to chic, pulled-back styles.

‘Use sparingly on dry hair or apply more generously through the midlengths and ends pre-shampoo for a hydrating treat.’


Heat protector

‘This is crucial when styling your hair. As well as providing damage limitation against heated appliances, heat protectors will help give your hot styling more hold while providing light hydration that makes your hair look more healthy,’ Zoë says.



‘If you get to grips with attachments such as nozzles and diffusers, a hairdryer can be the tool that offers you a multitude of looks, from smooth to voluminous,’ Zoë says. ‘It also tends to be the area where it pays to spend a little bit more and invest in the best version you can afford.’


Straightening irons

‘A must in everyone’s hair kit, flat irons can be used to wave as well as to straighten,’ Zoë explains. ‘From super-sleek and glossy to undone waves or just giving a touch more polish to your look, I suggest following online tutorials to see just how versatile a tool straighteners are.’


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