A beauty lesson in switching up your skincare routine for summer

Lyndsay Conway,

This month’s EDIT shows you how to give your skin a little extra love in summer. Begin by building a beauty arsenal of complexion-loving ingredients that will give you that ‘lit from within’ glow

You might be starting to think about your fly and flop beach getaway, or planning the weekend around relaxing in the garden, but summer is no time to take your foot off the pedal where skincare is concerned. Higher levels of pollution, extended exposure to UVA and UVB rays and heavy blasts of air-conditioning all mean you need to rethink your skincare routine and make a few tweaks to ensure your complexion is protected, hydrated and naturally radiant.

It’s also more comfortable and practical to wear less make-up in the summer, but imperfections can mean wearing a sheer base, or forgoing foundation altogether, isn’t an option. Taking the time to nurture your skin through the summer really will make a difference and prove that you can go make-up free, whatever your age. Here are the key swaps to make so you can be sure you have the best skincare routine for summer.

Keep your face clean

Hotter weather means hotter skin and that can result in blocked and enlarged pores, spots and an uneven skintone. The answer? A clean face. That doesn’t mean stripping your complexion with a harsh cleanser though. 

Instead, gently revive your skin in the morning and remove make-up in the evening with a natural cleanser that’s kind enough to use regularly. Try swapping your current version for the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, which has become something of a cult classic for its ability to remove every trace of make-up without irritating sensitive skin.

Strengthen your skin

There is a greater risk of UVA/UVB exposure in summer and that means skin needs to be tough inside, but soft on the outside. While that sounds like a pretty impossible combination, it’s the collagen that is found naturally in the skin’s deepest layers that keeps your complexion strong and supple, as well as smooth and even. 

It’s a well known fact that collagen levels deplete as we age, leaving skin exposed and vulnerable. A targeted serum, packed with collagen and nutrient-rich oils, to boost your natural reserves will be your best friend this season. We love the Algenist Genius Liquid Collagen for speedy results and natural ingredients your skin will love.

Update – and boost – your moisturiser

The heat and humidity might make you feel like you don’t need (or want) to add an extra layer to your routine with a rich moisturiser, but skin needs hydration as much in summer as it does in winter. What is worth changing is the texture of your cream. In the warmer months, opt for something light and silky rather than rich and heavy so your skin can breathe. Don’t forget to look for an SPF as well, to protect against the sun’s harmful rays. Our favourite is the Clarins Extra-Firming Day Cream SPF 15. Enriched with Kangaroo Flower extract, this lightweight cream protects, firms and hydrates. 

If you really want to be able to go without make-up, try adding two drops of the Clinique Fresh Pressed Daily Booster with pure Vitamin C 10% to moisturiser to help renew your skin. An easy way to up the ante on your anti-ageing routine without even trying, this booster promises to reduce wrinkles and age spots at the same time as brightening your complexion, so you can skip the make-up with confidence.

Swat up on your ingredients

When applying make-up is part of your everyday routine, it can be easy to switch to autopilot and forget to appreciate your natural skin. You don’t necessarily need to wear foundation, even though this feels like the quickest fix when skin is dull. Instead, opt for a carefully chosen selection of ingredients to help skin look naturally radiant. 

For uneven or mature skin, try Vitamins C and B3 to resurface texture and reduce wrinkles; look out for products containing green tea to soothe easily irritated skin; try hyaluronic acid, an anti-ageing powerhouse, to lock in moisture and restore that plump, pillowy look associated with youth; and amino acids to protect skin against external aggressors such as pollution, and to help actually repair visible damage. Or, get it all of those magical ingredients in one with the Rodial Vit C Energising Sheet Mask.

Embrace an all-day skincare routine

If you’re going without (or with less) make-up, you can still touch-up your complexion throughout the day with a facial spray. Not to be confused with cooling mists, which only have one job, beauty facial sprays are a hydrating wake-up call for your face and are packed with plenty of extra benefits. The CAUDALIE Beauty Elixir, for example, is packed full of skin-loving anti-oxidants to revive your complexion throughout the day. A quick energising spritz mid-morning and then again in the afternoon will help give your skin that ‘lit from within’ glow, whilst tightening pores for an instantly refreshed complexion.