An expert guide to keeping your skin’s youthful glow for longer

Best skin care products for the over-40s
Cassie Steer,-Beauty Editor at Large

They say life begins at 40 – and with the right regime, your best skin is yet to come, too. Holistic facialist Nataliya Robinson reveals how

Everyone’s skin is unique, but add a few birthdays into the mix and its needs become even more specific. From our mid-forties onwards, genetic and hormonal changes take hold; throw in modern external environmental aggressors and you’ll need a more tailored routine to keep your complexion looking its usual radiant and healthy self. We talk to holistic facialist and founder of Quantum Botanika Nataliya Robinson about routines, wrinkles and why retinol is your skin’s new BFF.

‘Once you hit your forties you need to look at changing up your regime, as your skin’s needs are very different from when you were 30,’ advises Nataliya. ‘It needs to be a little more complex and considered in order to target specific skin concerns such as sagging, dryness and lipid barrier repair, as well as tackling deep wrinkles. 

‘At 40, your cleansing regime needs to be very gentle because the skin is going though hormonal changes that reduce its ability to produce its own sebum, leading to dryness and dehydration. The lipid barrier function at this age is also highly important, so I’d suggest swapping your usual face wash for a balm-texture cleanser in order to clean the skin gently yet effectively to remove make-up and pollution without causing damage.

‘If you travel a lot, you’ll be exposed to different climate changes. Make sure you cleanse your skin gently before every journey, as well as during the trip, in order to help it recover quickly and avoid it becoming too sensitive.’

The right ingredients

‘Hyaluronic acids and ceramides are important ingredients, as hyaluronic acid attracts water to help hydrate and plump the skin, while ceramides repair and regenerate skin that has lost lipids [oils],’ says Nataliya. ‘After all, both water and oils are necessary for a healthy complexion.

‘In terms of anti-ageing ingredients, look for peptides, retinol and antioxidants. Antioxidants help combat the formation of collagen-depleting free radicals, while retinol is your anti-ageing hero, increasing cell turnover and kick-starting collagen production. Applying retinol twice a week at night (it can be irritating, so build up to it slowly) will help to speed up cellular turnover to soften lines and wrinkles and give you a youthful glow.

‘Peptides (fragments of proteins) are important in maintaining firmness, as proteins are the building blocks of the skin – which is why it’s advisable to include more protein in your diet, too. And let’s not forget SPF – a key factor in postponing ageing. If you’re in your forties, skin is more prone to pigmentation and brown spots due to oestrogen decline.’ Protecting it from the sun will keep it healthy and at its best.

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