The beauty look that suits everyone – by Charlotte Tilbury

Charlotte Tilbury applying model's makeup backstage at Alice Temperley LFW
Lyndsay Conway,- Beauty and Interiors Editor

Glowing skin, golden eyes and fresh red lips: whether you take one element or all three, enhance your best features in typical Tilbury style

A modern classic look

Created for fashion designer (and good friend) Alice Temperley’s show at London Fashion Week, Charlotte Tilbury’s new take on winter beauty is instantly iconic: think old Hollywood glamour with a glossy modern twist.

The look is underpinned by the youthful, shining complexion that has become Charlotte’s signature look – in her own words, this is ‘megawatt, glowing skin’ that enhances your natural beauty. Want to give it a go? Just follow Charlotte’s easy step-by-step guide…

Charlotte Tilbury model backstage at Alice Temperley LFW

Prep your canvas

Make-up sits better on skin that is freshly moisturised, which is why a perfectly applied base always starts with skincare. Charlotte plumps and hydrates using moisturiser, sweeping it across the face and neck and gently patting it in to create an even canvas for make-up application. Don’t forget your eye area, which needs a targeted and more intense (yet gentle) approach: dab cream around the eye, avoiding the waterline, as moisturiser will travel upwards once applied.

Arizona Muse backstage at Charlotte Tilbury for Alice Temperley LFW

Forget the foundation – but not a flawless complexion

Charlotte’s take on a winter complexion is modern, youthful and simple. Her Hollywood Flawless Filter negates the need for layering foundation over primer, highlighter over foundation. Part primer, part highlighter, part flattering Instagram filter, we predict you’ll give up foundation (at least part-time) once you’ve tried this product. Use the cushioned applicator wand to apply the Flawless Filter to the skin before blending with your fingertips or a stippling brush to create a creamy, glossy finish.

Charlotte Tilbury applying bronzer to model backstage at Alice Temperley LFW

Create light and shade to define your features

As skin matures, it tends to look better with a hint of colour, but steer clear of applying too much powder to the face as it can sit in fine lines and pores. Instead, choose a liquid bronzer. Lightly sweep over the top of the forehead, across the cheekbones and along the jawline. If you feel like you need a little extra illumination, finish your new flawless complexion with a hint of highlighter, applying it to the top of the cheekbones, down the centre of the nose and along the top of the cupid’s bow, to enhance the effect of natural light hitting your skin.

Arizona Muse wearing Charlotte Tilbury makeup backstage at Alice Temperley LFW

Try a new kind of smoky eyeshadow

Charlotte’s wearable take on classic smoky eye make-up is easy to wear and flattering, especially on a mature complexion. Swap powder shadows in black and grey for creamy bronze shades to complement glowing skin. Use your finger to pat the cream across the eyelid, blending up towards the brow bone. Then take it down underneath the lash line with an eye blender brush. Carefully line eyes above the top lashes with liquid eyeliner, creating a soft flick to make eyes appear bigger. Finish with lashings of jet black mascara. One of Charlotte’s tricks is to complete the look with a sweep of lip gloss across the entire eyelid to give a super-slick finish.

Model wearing Charlotte Tilbury makeup backstage at Alice Temperley LFW

Invest in your eyebrows

Well-groomed brows frame your face and open your eyes. Thicker brows are also associated with youth, but if yours aren’t naturally full, don’t worry: some clever products and expert application can fake the look. Find a shade of eyebrow pencil to match your hair colour and fill in brows with light, feathery motions. Then follow with an eyebrow gel, brushing the hair up and out, defining and setting your brows so that they last all day.

Charlotte Tilbury applying makeup to a model backstage at Alice Temperley LFW

Update your red lipstick for 2018

Dress your lips with a fresh take on the classic. Charlotte’s modern version of the time-honoured favourite is an opulent geranium shade, with a hint of orange to bring the look up to date. Outline your mouth with Charlotte’s Lip Cheat in Savage Rose, which will help guide you as you fill in your lips with this bright, creamy hue. 

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