Let's do better.

Using thoughtful design to create a more sustainable future
image of the circular collection products
By 2028, 100% of new John Lewis products will be designed with circularity in mind. As a brand, we’ve always championed putting quality and durability at the forefront of developing our products. But we want to do more.
So, what does this mean?

The aim is to design and create products with 3 key factors in mind.

  • Materiality: using materials that come from recycled or more sustainable sources
  • Durability: creating durable products that stand the test of time (e.g. using stronger stitching for seams)
  • Recyclability: making products that are easier to recycle once their usability comes to an end (e.g. being made from one material so the recycling process is simplified) 

We’re not where we want to be yet but we’re on the way. Redesigned and developed, these everyday Home and Fashion products are just the beginning.

The cashmere jumper

100% of the cashmere in this product is Sustainable Fibre Alliance (SFA) certified. The SFA's work helps to improve the welfare of cashmere goats, protect rangelands and secure herder livelihoods. The SFA certification is also an assurance that this cashmere has been processed without the use of hazardous chemicals.

Find out how to care for your cashmere and where it comes from here.

Image of a man in a cashemere grey jumper
Image of a womens pyjama set

The pyjamas

100% organic cotton, these pyjamas will last through 100s of ZZZs and can be recycled easily after plenty of snoozes, sleeps and slumbers. We’ve swapped out an elastic waistband for a simple fabric tie and removed the plastic strap adjusters from the cami top, all with the aim of recyclability after a long and comfortable lifespan.

Did you know you can get rewarded for recycling with FashionCycle? Save £5 on fashion buys when you bring in 5 items of pre-loved clothing.

John Lewis Kate Stripe Shirt Long Pyjama Set, Sage
John Lewis Diamond Shirt Short Pyjama Set, Smoky Blue
Image of a man wearing a charcoal cashmere jumper

The baby sleepsuit

Tested to higher durability standards, this sleepsuit is made to be passed on. It’s made with 100% undyed organic cotton that’s soft on baby’s delicate skin and features a recycled polyester 2-way zip and thread. 

Designed with even more care, recycling this sleepsuit is easier as it’s made from just one fabric.

Image of a white baby sleepsuit
Image of a two pairs of feet hanging out of a duvet

The duvet and pillows

These duvets and pillows make a comfortable choice in more ways than one. Sonicseam technology achieves neater edging with no risk of fraying, increasing durability and meaning that you can cuddle up night after night, season after season. 

Made with 100% recycled polyester filling, the outers are made from 100% polyester, making them easier to recycle once their time finally comes to an end.

Image of a duvet
Image of a the inside of a duvet

The mattress

Made with recycled polyester and designed to be turned and rotated with the seasons, this mattress is filled on both sides for optimum longevity. And, when it’s reached the end of its life, recycling this mattress is easier due to its design.

Did you know we can recycle your old mattress? Each one will be broken down into its constituent parts and around 98% of this material will be recycled.

Image of mattresses stacked up on top of each other

Want to find out more? Read our 2023/24 Ethics & Sustainability Report here.

Image of a close up of a mattress
Image of a mattress from far away