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Whether you need to build or install your new product, or dispose of an
old mattress, we can continue to help with some handy after-sales services available from our shops  (and some of them online) with home furnishings, furniture and accessories departments.

Mattress disposal

What is it?

When we deliver your new mattress we can collect your old one and dispose of it responsibly.

Need to know

  • The charge for this service is £29.95

  • The price includes the collection and disposal of an existing mattress that's being replaced by a new one

  • If you buy more than one eligible mattress, you'll also need to buy the collection service for each individual item you want us to take away

  • We'll remove and dispose of all packaging for your new mattress responsibly

  • We reserve the right to refuse to collect any item we believe constitutes a health and safety risk to our employees, or anyone working on our behalf

  • We can only offer the disposal service when your new mattress or divan is being delivered by our own van crews, and not by our suppliers or third-party couriers

What you need to do

  • Ensure your item is stripped of any bed linen and is ready for collection.

  • Ensure the goods to be collected are reasonably hygienic

What we will do

  • Remove your old mattress and ensure it is recycled with a registered recycling company complying to all current standards.

What we won't do

  • We will not strip bed linen from the bed.

  • We won't collect any item that we believe constitutes a health and safety risk to our employees or anyone working on our behalf

Bedstead Assembly

What is it?

When we deliver your new bedstead, we'll also assemble it for you.

Need to know

  • The charge for this service is £29

  • We'll remove and dispose of all packaging for your bedstead responsibly

  • We can't offer disposal of your old bedstead (only mattresses and divans)

  • When we deliver please make sure we can access the bed location and that there is enough room for us to build it

  • We can only assemble bedsteads delivered by our own crews, and not those delivered by our suppliers or third-party couriers


Sofa Reuse Scheme

What is it?

Buy a new sofa from us and you can arrange to have your old one collected at the same time. We’ll pass it on to Reuse Network so it can be given a second life. 

Reuse Network supports reuse charities across the UK, helping to divert millions of household items from landfill and giving low-income households access to affordable products.

Need to know

  • The charge for this service is £44.97. This is a not-for-profit service.
  • It's only available when you buy a sofa from us and have it delivered by one of our own van crews.
  • Any sofa that is considered unsuitable for reuse will not be collected.
  • In the rare instance that your sofa doesn’t meet the reuse requirements of local charities, it will be incinerated and where possible, converted into energy in line with all the latest standards and regulations.
  • For more information, please visit
  • We can’t collect items that could pose a health and safety risk to our staff, or anyone working on our behalf.


Mirror & Wall Art Hanging Service

What is it?

We can hang your new mirror or wall art when we deliver it, so that you can enjoy it straight away.

Need to know

Our service costs £25 and you can buy it alongside your new product. It includes:

  •  Unpacking your new product and taking away the packaging for responsible disposal
  •  Agreeing a safe and suitable fixing position for it with you
  •  Supplying and using the correct fixings for your wall type
Barbecue Assembly

What is it?

We'll assemble your new barbecue before we deliver it so that you can start cooking straight away.

Need to know

  • The charge for this service is £40

  • Please check the product page to see if the service is available on your chosen barbecue

  • Please make sure we can access the location for the barbecue when we deliver

  • You'll need to attach a gas bottle or add charcoal yourself

  • Sorry, we can't offer disposal for barbecues

Lighting Installation

What is it?

When you buy lighting in our shops, you can arrange for our trained team to install wall, ceiling or outdoor lights to an existing safe wiring point on domestic premises.

Need to know

  • The charge for this service is £59 for the first light, and £45 for each additional light
  • It's only available if you buy your lighting in our shops
  • We'll check the polarity and earthing of the required circuit
  • We'll also remove and dispose of packaging for your new light responsibly
  • We can't offer disposal of any old lights
  • CFL and LED bulbs should be recycled at your nearest recycling bank, which will be found at (opens in a new window)
  • All our installers are NICEIC-trained (National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting)
  • The service excludes recessed lights, or anything over 10" high
  • For safety we'll need to switch off the mains power at the consumer board
  • This may mean you need to reset timers and so on once we've finished
  • We're not liable for products on other circuits that fail to work once power is reconnected
  • We're unable to install on circuits with rubber or lead-sheathed wiring, or on any surface which represents a health and safety risk for the installers
  • If we suspect the presence of asbestos in any textured ceilings or walls, we may not be able to complete the installation
  • Please make sure that you have the correct bulbs before our installers arrive, as they don't keep a stock of them
  • If the light is for outdoors or for the bathroom you'll need to check the IP (Ingress Protection) rating
  • The higher the rating, the more protected it is, and for outdoor or bathroom lighting you need a minimum IP44 rating 

Postcodes excluded from lighting installation service

We're sorry that we can't carry out lighting installations nationwide - please check the exclusions list below 


B99, BB94, BD97-98, BL11, BL78, BN50-52, BN88, BN99, BS80, BS98, BT1-94,

CA1-28, CA95, CA99, CF30, CF91, CF95, CF99, CH25-34, CH70, CH88, CH99, CM92, CM98-99, CT50, CW98

DE99, DG1-14, DG16, DH97-99, DN15-16, DN18-21, DN31-41, DN55

E77, EH91, EH95, EH99

FK17-21, FY0

G9, G58, G70, G79, G90, GU95, GY1-10,

HR3, HR5, HS1-9

IM1-9, IM99, IP98, IV1-28, IV40-49, IV51-56, IV63, IV99


KA4, KA16-19, KA26-28, KW1-17, KY99

L67-68, L70-75, LA1-23, LD1-8, LE21, LE41, LE55, LE87, LE94-95, LL15-78, LN7-9, LN11-13, LS88, LS98-99

M61, M99, ME99, MK77

NE19, NE48-49, NE67-71, NE82-83, NE85, NE88, NE92, NE98, NG70, NG80, NG90, NP7-8, NR99


PA20, PA21-24, PA26-38, PA41-49, PA60, PA61-78, PA80, PE23-25, PE99, PH10-PH12, PH15-26, PH30-44, PH49, PH50, PH6, PH8-9, PL25-PL26, PL30- PL31, PO30-PO41, PR0, PR11


S49, S96-99, SA2-11, SA14-18, SA33-48, SA61-73, SA80, SA99, SL60, SL95, SN38, SN99, SO97, SR9, SS22, SS99, ST55, SY10, SY15-25, SY99

TD12, TD15, TD8-9, TR21-25, TS12, TS13


WA55, WA88, WD99, WF90, WR78, WR99

YO62, YO90-91, YO95


Furniture Assembly Service

Our service is available on a range of furniture items:

Service includes:

  • Building of this item and placing in the room of your choice
  • Removal and responsible disposal of all packaging
  • Fixing to the wall if required

This service does not include:

  • Ongoing maintenance such as varnishing, tightening or dismantling
  • Moving, dismantling or disposing of other furniture 

Please note, we'll need space to deliver, unpack, build and place the item after assembly. Please make a clear space for the item to be moved and placed where you want it.