Advertising Feature: three cameras that will upgrade your photos in a flash (and how to use them)

Canon EOS M50 Compact System Camera
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Whether you want to take careful compositions of the view from your balcony on holiday, or capture a shot of your kids as they race through the garden, we have some easy photography tips on how to take good photos – and the best cameras for the job


Whether you’re taking photographs of friends, family or locals on your travels, for portraits with impact, you want to isolate your subject from its background. The Sony Alpha A7 II’s brilliant full-frame sensor makes it easy to achieve those shallow-depth-of-field images while delivering photos rich in detail.

The accompanying 28-70mm zoom lens is suited to a range of subjects, but for the most flattering portraits, use the lens at 70mm so you can capture their details without needing to get too close. Try to avoid shooting portraits in direct sunlight as well, as the harsh shadows falling across your subject’s face can ruin a nice portrait. Instead, look for some shade that’ll produce soft, even light. You don't have to worry about shooting in the shade with the Alpha A7 II either, as the camera’s advanced image stabilisation system will help ensure your shots are pin-sharp.


An entry-level DSLR camera like the EOS 200D from Canon can give your photography a huge boost, particularly because it allows you to change lenses depending on what subject you want to shoot.

Summertime naturally lends itself to landscape photography thanks to the vibrant colours on display, and with the two lenses bundled with the EOS 200D, you’ll be able to shoot anything from broad, sweeping vistas to tight details of far-off subjects. The touchscreen swivels so you’ll also be able to compose and shoot more dynamic compositions from a range of different positions, while the compact and lightweight body means it’s great for traveling with.

With full manual control, the EOS 200D will allow you to push your creativity as far as it’ll go, while a host of auto modes and the guided interface will help new users get to grips with their camera and learn how to take good photos.

Family snaps

Being able to capture those special family moments over summer can be priceless, but the right camera can make all the difference, especially if kids are involved. Little ones are more likely to be running around than sitting still for a perfectly composed portrait, and your camera might struggle to keep up with them. However, Sony’s Alpha A5100 is up to the job thanks to its advanced autofocus system that can track as they play. And you’ll never miss a shot as it can shoot a burst of photos at six frames a second.

You’ll need to use a fast shutter speed to freeze the action, but even in dim light, this shouldn’t be a problem thanks to the Alpha A5100’s sensitive image sensor. Don’t forget about framing too. Use its tilting rear touchscreen to get down to their level, as this will make a much more successful composition than taking a photo from your height.

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