How (and why) we all deserve a wardrobe reboot this autumn

Autumn revival
India Price,-Menswear Editor

The perfect pieces and products to bring your look back to life. You’ve earned it…

If you’ve spent the last 18 months living in loungewear, pyjamas and gym kit, it’s time to refresh your wardrobe with pieces that’ll rejuvenate you. You might be about to start heading back into the office for a few days a week or at the very least starting to think about socialising – away from Zoom. With all that in mind, it pays to start planning how you’re going to mark the occasion with the outfits you pick. 

Getting dressed this autumn shouldn’t be about going back to how things were before and it’s definitely not about sticking to the pieces that saw you through lockdown. With our help you’ll be able to find yourself new items that mix comfort, style and value.


Start by combining comfort and style

Elasticated waistbands and loose legs have likely been a theme for the last 18 months, so you’ll want to gently ease yourself back into buttons and stiffer materials. Try pieces that mix comfort and style: an elasticated waistband and a straight leg, perhaps, or a structured jacket worn with your favourite loungewear. It’s not about instantly throwing away the comfort you’re used to in favour of a two-piece, but instead learning about which pieces suit you best, with comfort in mind. 


Mix up layers

One of the easiest ways to instantly look smart is to mix up lightweight layers, particularly if there’s a collar or lapel involved. As we ease into autumn, there will be both warm days and cooler ones, so layering like this is as practical as it is stylish. Think about stocking up on overshirts, light jackets and loose T-shirts (the long sleeve tee is having a moment right now) and combining these together.

For cooler days, add a half-zip knit or cardigan to the mix instead of an overshirt – this will also create a slimmer silhouette if you’re feeling the impact of too many snack breaks while working from home. Don’t be afraid to mix up colours, patterns and fabrics – autumn is all about keeping up the spirit of summer, so the more, the merrier. 


Keep it bright

And on the subject of colour, here’s your official reminder that brights don’t need to be reserved for summer’s hottest days. There’s no hard and fast rule decreeing that monochrome must be worn in autumn and winter – ring the changes and mix some colours into the pieces you invest in for this new season, even if it’s just the odd T-shirt, your socks, or an accessory. Because if this autumn is all about a fashion revival, what better way to do it than with colour?


Go smart and casual

For the perfect welcome back to normal life and work, try mixing together smart and casual pieces, like a suit and a polo shirt (extra point if it's cashmere). By opting for something less smart than a shirt but more casual that a T-shirt, you'll get the perfect balance. To gently welcome in the new season, try combining like-colours from the same palette – mixing varying grey tones together is a perfect place to start. 


Consider seasonal tones

If you tend to shy away from bold colours but want to step out from your usual monochrome looks, try finding pieces that are matched to the colours of the season. For autumn, that's burnt yellow and orange, dark, woody green, brown and red, or classic navy and grey. If in doubt, pick an always-stylish colour block piece, like this jumper from John Lewis (keep an eye out for it coming back in stock), that'll do the hard work for you. 

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