The best footwear for winter

Must-have winter footwear
India Price,-Menswear Editor

From everyday trainers to timeless brogues, we break down the winter shoes for all occasions

Opportunities for leaving the house might be limited at the moment, but when you do walk out of the door, you definitely want something on your feet that can handle whatever winter can throw at them. That's where we come in, with a selection of footwear suitable for all occasions, conditions and weather forecasts.

When it comes to choosing winter footwear for winter, there are three golden rules. First, don't be afraid to spend money – the right pair will last for years. Second, ignore trends – the most timeless styles (brogues, Derby shoes, Chelsea boots) have been around for decades. And, finally, think about how they'll work with the rest of your wardrobe – even a great pair still needs to go with what you own.

With all that in mind, here is the must-have footwear to see you through winter’s darkest days and beyond. 

For the return to work: the black brogue

For everything from the eventual return to the office to festive parties (no matter how small), you’ll be hard-pressed to find something as timeless as the brogue. Stick to black to get the most use out of them, opt for a thicker sole for extra style points and feel free to spend money on a pair – you'll wear them forever.

For country excursions: the chunky boot

We all deserve an escape from the city now and again – especially after the year we’ve had – but that’s no excuse to leave style behind. Instead of the old hiking boots you’ve owned forever, go for something with a little more sartorial flair. A pair of chunky boots will look just as good on a muddy walk as they will for a post-lockdown trip to the pub. Pair them with dark jeans, a thick knit and your new season padded jacket

For working from home: the white trainer

A simple and low-key pair of white trainers should be waiting inside every man’s wardrobe. They’re incredibly versatile so you’ll be hard-pressed to find an outfit that they won’t go with, from WFH-worthy loungewear to your favourite suit. Tip: don't be afraid to mix up low- and high-tops – both are easy to weave into your wardrobe. 

For a virtual date: the suede desert boot

Even if your date night is happening online rather than in-person, you should still consider putting on a proper pair of shoes. The desert boot has made a much-deserved comeback in recent years thanks to its versatility and comfort. Pick dark or neutral shades and pair with a shirt, formal trousers (or dark jeans) and your favourite knit.  

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