The high-low wardrobe: how to incorporate sportswear into your everyday outfits

how to wear athleisure
Alison Taylor,-Fashion Editor

Mix up winter wardrobe staples with athleisure basics for relaxed looks with unexpected style power

Once upon a time, we wouldn’t have dreamed that sportwear would become part of our everyday wardrobe. But with the boundaries between home, work and leisure blurring, a Christmas break on the horizon and the rising power of athleisure, the most interesting looks come when you blend high and low fashion.

‘We are all dressing in a much more relaxed way now,’ says Poppy Rock, Partner and Stylist on this shoot. ‘It is possible to style gym or home-comfort clothes into chic everyday looks. Whether that’s wearing trainers where you would have normally gone for something smart, or mixing leggings and tracksuit bottoms.’ Read on to discover the building blocks of the high-low wardrobe.

The sporty outerwear

Take something sporty and practical like a puffer and add fashion flair, as per Hush’s leopard puffa jacket. Specced up outerwear adds instant cool to smart-casual outfits, like jeans and a sweatshirt. And, if you’re feeling really brave, you could even pair it with an autumnal printed dress for an unexpected combination.

‘A smart tailored coat can be thrown over tracksuit bottoms or leggings to immediately elevate the look’, says Poppy. ‘There is something instantly pulled together about a well cut coat, but more than that it can be a really exciting styling proposition, especially if you keep the casual pieces soft and tonal and let the coat add structure and statement.’

Hi low 1

Layer it interesting

Have fun with this look, layering unexpected textures and shapes. An oversized hoodie adds volume to streamlined workout leggings, all pulled together with a smart jacket. Or team your cosy knitwear with a lightweight sporty parka. 

Hi low 2

Trainers with everything

Sometimes style and comfort do go hand in hand. Step forward the humble trainer. Thanks to the rise in athleisure, a whole lot of walking and an influencer seal of approval, trainers are the new normal’s footwear of choice. With dresses, make a statement and pair socks with your New Balance. With leggings and joggers, you could give some of the on-trend chunkier styles a go. But really, when it comes to trainers, they’re all fair game.

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