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Whether dipping your toe into the running pool, or preparing to go the distance in a marathon, discover top tips for success from our expert bloggers 

Where to start...

Ali Paton of 'My Big Fit Diary'
shares her top 7 steps for success

Ali Paton of 'My Big Fit Diary' shares her top 7 steps for success

1: Set yourself a goal
Goal setting is important in everything we do, especially fitness.

2: Run with friends
Everything is better with a friend – even running.

3: Treat yourself to some new gear
Whether you’re pounding the pavements or tearing up the treadmill, you’ll be putting your feet under a lot of pressure – so investing in a good pair of shoes is a must (Be prepared to spend a little bit more on a good pair of trainers, around £80-100).

4: Make running a habit
Studies show it takes 66 days to form a habit, so get out your diary and mark the days you’ll go running over the next 10 weeks and DON’T GIVE UP.

5: Get a plan and stick to it
There are some great plans out there such as the Couch to 5K. You can also find a plan on most running websites or from your local run club.

6: Switch it up
Pounding the pavements every night can get boring and is definitely the number one motivation killer for me. So switch it up and find somewhere new to run, it may be local park or further afield out in the countryside.

7: Rest
Remember – rest is just as important as training.

Running tips

Get motivated with hints
and tips from running regulars

Get motivated with hints and tips from running regulars

Rosie Tapping
A Rosie Outlook

"If there's one thing I've learned since running, it's that you should try and at least vaguely plan some sort of route before you set off. And always remember the golden rule - if you run a certain distance away from home, you have to then come that same distance back!" 

Our blogger's top running shoe picks

Find specialist running kit for
equal parts fashion and function

Katie Groome
Cakes vs. Scales

"These Nikes aren’t just stylish, they have a honeycomb outsole pattern which improves traction. The dynamic fit technology means they’re ideal for short and long distances. Personally, I felt the lightweight soles meant that they were best for shorter runs and road based terrain"

Corrine Collett
Slimmed Cartree

"Designed for overpronators and perfect for long distance running, these trainers have a fibre-reinforced midsole to help recover shape after impact. Paired with gel cushioning in the heel, they’re sure to keep your feet protected from every bump they endure"