A big cheer for novelty baubles

Alternative Christmas tree decorations
Helen Stone,-Interiors Writer

Christmas isn’t Christmas without a few little gems to bring fun and excitement wherever they go-ho-ho

Decorating the tree is one of the best events in the run up to Christmas. There’s a real sense of occasion as the decorations are unpacked and delicately placed (or enthusiastically hurled) onto the branches. 

We all love the round orbs that make the tree look full and festive but nothing really outshines the novelty baubles. These one-off decorations are all about adding fun and personality. And not just to your tree.

Baubles are far too versatile to limit to sprucing up the spruce. Gather on long ribbons to create swags for adorning doors, mantels and mirrors. Take them to the table as part of place settings, centrepieces or to hang from the back of chairs. Or deck the hall, draping them between the spindles of the stair rail.

Be cheeky and pile on the fun. Who’s not going to smile at Santa on a tractor ploughing his way across the fruit bowl?

novelty tree decorations

Dive into an underwater world

Our seven themes for Christmas 2021 are inspired by British landscapes, giving a big nod to the island we call home. The stunning shoreline can be seen in Blush Coast with baubles shaped like mermaids, sandcastles, crabs and beach huts, while Copper River highlights freshwater scenes, with leaping trout, tales from the riverbank and aquatic birdlife gliding into view.

The joy of a favourite theme is being able to collect new items over the years. You might already have a selection or perhaps are planning to start collecting as a new tradition. Buying a meaningful bauble for a loved-one is one of our most-loved stocking-filler ideas. Surprise them with something quirky and original that will make them laugh out loud.

novelty tree decorations

Travel from farm to wilderness

Other themes put the focus on our beautifully diverse land from wild mountains and moorlands to our cultivated farmland. ‘Snow Mountain is a winter wonderland in frosted whites and icy blues,’ explains Jason Billings-Cray, Partner and Christmas Buyer. ‘We've introduced warmth into this look with a range of plush toy hanging decorations for children.' 

The baubles in our Festive Field theme, meanwhile, celebrate our wonderful British produce with farm animals and veggie shapes. Cover the tree in sparkly cabbages or channel your inner Old MacDonald to create a fun teatime tablescape on Christmas Eve.

novelty tree decorations

Layer up the luxe in town and country

Novelty baubles can be grown-up and glam too, with two of our Christmas themes in particular celebrating the magic of twilight and day turning to night. Luxe City captures urban pizazz in fabulous shapes including cameras, champagne buckets and designer handbags. Surely you know someone who’d love one of those?

Gemstone Forest offers even darker sparkle. ‘It is inspired by enchanted forests, mythical creatures and the stirring of twilight,’ says Jason. ‘The palette is moody and mysterious, lifted by shots of bright accent colours and opulent touches of gold and ornate decorations.’

novelty tree decorations

Go all out for a fantasy dreamscape

In the world of baubles, sometimes more is simply more and you’ll be forgiven for piling on the creativity with our Technicolour Supernature theme. Inspired by the digital landscape and fantasy worlds in which anything is possible, the decorations are bright, bold and imaginative.

Gather up these fantasy figures and create your own story across your tree or anywhere else you’d care to brighten up. But as with all the novelty baubles in all our themes, don't leave it too late – snap them up early before they vanish.


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