Playful ways to style your fireplace for Christmas

how to style your mantlepiece for Christmas
Eleanor Cording-Booth,-Interiors Writer

Make the most of your mantelpiece: alternative decoration ideas for a festive fireplace

Is your mantelscape ready for its close-up? If the tree is Christmas celebrity number one, the fireplace is a close second (it is Father Christmas’ front door, after all). If you’re lucky enough to have a mantelpiece, the rule for decorating it is there are no rules. Unleash your inner artist and think about creative displays of light, colour, scale and texture. Think of it as the festive fireplace version of the shelfie…

A forest above the fireplace

For a modern look, try styling your mantelpiece with a display of oversized Christmas lights, or rows of brightly coloured dinner candles in mismatched candle holders. If you happen to have a collection of 28 snowglobes in the loft, now’s the time to stagger them across the mantelpiece like a row of giant marbles. Or perhaps start a collection of decorative mini trees in varying styles – from colourful felt to Scandi wood – and display them like a tiny forest for a simple but striking effect.

Colour blocking, but make it Christmas

For slightly less conceptual but equally Instagram-friendly fireplace decorations, choose a uniform colour theme and create a tonal display of objects in the same palette. Jason Billings-Cray, Partner and Junior Christmas Shop Buyer says, ‘Blush pink is a soft and pretty take on Christmas and still quite a new Christmas trend. We’re seeing a lot of customers buying baubles in this colour to create a full blush pink look.’ To add easy and affordable impact to a colour-block look, fill vases and decorative bowls with multipack baubles in your chosen hue.

Lights and heights matter

When displaying a mixture of candles, foliage and ornaments, remember to vary their heights in an undulating way, so everything isn’t at one level. You want to keep the eye moving up and down the various points of interest. When you’re done arranging ornaments, nativity scenes, toadstools and rows of Christmas stockings (remember, anything goes), don’t forget to add lights to keep the focus on the fireplace at night, too. Strings of fairy lights, tea lights in Nordic ceramic houses, giant illuminated stars or simple tapered candles are all worth experimenting with. If your open fireplace isn’t going to be roasting chestnuts any time soon, fill the empty space with fairy lights in vases, pillar candles in storm lanterns or decorative statement lights.

If in doubt, shop by theme

The most important thing is to not overthink it. If certain colours or objects make you happy, trust your instincts and just play around with them. Styling a mantelpiece for Christmas should be fun and the end result should represent your style and all the things you love. If you’re really not sure where to start, take some inspiration from our seven art-inspired Christmas decoration themes – from tropical Post-Impressionism to stylish Bloomsbury – confident that all the items within the theme will look great together. The colourful decorations below, for example, are all from our Pop Art theme.

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