Light up your home this Christmas

Outdoor lights
Helen Stone,-Interiors Writer

Christmas is a time to shine. Make your home stand out with the twinkle of festive outdoor lights

Getting creative with Christmas lights has become a big thing. Often many months in the planning, the best of these lightfests become destinations in their own right – somewhere to visit when you have ticked Santa’s Grotto off the list.

Whether you plan to light up the neighbourhood with a sleigh across your roof or are just planning to add a quieter twinkle to your front door, outdoor lights are one of the brightest (and fun) parts of the Christmas decorating kit.

Make an entrance

Most modern outdoor lighting uses LED bulbs which are super-efficient and long-lasting. Strings and ropes of outdoor lights come supplied with a transformer that plugs into an indoor socket so you can safely use them indoors and out. Smaller decorations such as this wreath and mini trees set are battery-powered, making them suitable for sheltered locations only but still perfect for adding a little twinkle and festive cheer to a porch or doorway.

Christmas outdoor lights wreaths

Get into character

Christmas favours the bold, and one or two stand-out pieces in the front garden or on the lawn can have huge impact, especially if you can build a bit of a narrative around them. This year’s selection of 3-D models runs from stags to snowmen with a few cheeky robins in between. Short on garden space? Simple 2-D neon signs can still shine brightly on walls and fences.

Christmas lights reindeer

Make the most of the view

We’re now used to braving the elements to socialise outdoors and a warming hot chocolate or mulled wine usually helps. Outdoor lights will add a warm welcome glow to any outdoor space but you can also use them to benefit your interior too, particularly rooms with big windows or glass doors.

Large expanses of glass tend to turn into black holes by night losing that wonderful sense of space enjoyed during the day. Lighting up the garden extends that view with a little extra magic from the sparkle. Especially if we’re lucky and there’s a dusting of snow too…

Indoor outdoor Christmas lighting trend

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