Bring out the Christmas baubles

Basket of baubles
Helen Stone,-Interiors Writer

Baubles aren’t just for the tree. Cluster these gems all over your home to add festive magic everywhere 

Decorating the Christmas tree is a favourite tradition but why stop there? Boxes of baubles and favourite novelty decorations are simply too good to be left languishing in the branches when they can be used in so many creative ways.

Packs of baubles offer the best value and can be piled high in bowls, nestled in garlands on mantelpieces and sideboards, or scattered in the hearth. Mini baubles are great when it comes to dressing-up gifts or making impromptu napkin rings, while novelty baubles add instant character everywhere. 

Variety is the spice of life when creating clusters but a little restraint helps keep things stylish. Mix up shapes and materials within a chosen colour scheme or go with a theme – our 7 themes for Christmas 2021 offer plenty of inspiration whatever your style.


Scandi style baubles

Go Scandi at the table

A festive wreath of dangling baubles makes a real centrepiece for the table and is a favourite in Scandinavian Christmas decorating. The fact that there’s often a light above the table means there’s usually an easy point to attach it to (most baubles are light enough to not add much extra load). If that's not an option, picture-hanging strips can also be useful and they usually peel away after with no damage to paintwork. You can also take the look to surface level with a wreath laid flat on the table ready to fill with your favourite baubles.

Baubles on a chair

Best seat in the house

Tablescaping is great fun… unless you have 18 for Christmas dinner and need space for the sprouts, in which case consider sprinkling your Christmas magic elsewhere. Baubles are brilliant attention-grabbers and tying them to the back of chairs not only looks and feels special, it will invite guests to come on in and pull up a seat.

Baubles on a mirror

Show a little swagger

Little moments of seasonal magic will balance out the Christmas tree spectacular to give the room a more considered scheme. Mantelpieces and sideboards are favourite choices, all the better if there is a mirror above to deck with a garland that will take your decorating to a higher level. Gather baubles on to narrow ribbons to create mini swags as decadent finishing touches.

Cards and baubles

Meet and greet

Greetings cards from friends from afar are a wonderful treat at Christmas but card display can be a bit of a conundrum. Make a show of it by clipping them on to luxe ribbons and finishing the ends with your favourite character baubles.

Baubles on a branch

Dial down to a mini tree

Many of your baubles will get lost in the crowd when it comes to the tree so make the most of favourites by creating a mini display to sit on a window sill, sideboard or side table. Twigs are the natural (and free) choice. Give them a little sparkle with battery-powered lights, nestle them into a smart vase and get decorating.

baubles hanging on a wall

Create wall art

Not everyone has room for a big bulky tree, but a wall display can still deliver sparkle. Pick a theme, uniting most of the baubles by shape, colour or material then add in some stand-out pieces. Attach to lengths of ribbon and secure to the wall using picture-hanging strips, varying the heights to create a winning display.

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