ChiconomicsKitchen storage sorted, for £30 or less

Lucy Scott

Marie Kondo your kitchen. Our clever storage solutions will make messy drawers, cupboards and surfaces a thing of the past

Is it just us or is there never enough storage in your kitchen? From overflowing drawers to chock-a-block cupboards and countertops, it’d be nice if things were a little tidier and better organised. To make life easier, we’ve rounded up ten of the best storage solutions, from a life-changing (sort of) cutlery organiser to a chic cereal container. And all for £30 or less…


Dipped Ceramic Kitchen Jar with Bamboo Lid, £10

Finished with an airtight bamboo lid, this ceramic container can be used for storing dried food and is stackable with other jars in the range. It’s available in a choice of six colours, so the only tricky decision will be which shade to plump for. 


Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Bamboo Compact Cutlery Organiser, £11

Revolutionise your cutlery drawer with this natural bamboo organiser. By layering compartments on top of each other, you can store all your forks, knives and spoons in less than half the space of a conventional cutlery tray. It also features non-slip feet to stop it from sliding around in the drawer.


Mason Cash Stoneware Coffee Jar, £15

This pretty pot, which is exclusive to John Lewis, deserves pride of place on your kitchen countertop. Made from ceramic with a neat lid, it’s the perfect place to store your coffee. For a unified look, pair it with the matching tea, sugar and utensil jars.


Joseph Joseph CupboardStore Film, Foil and Bag Organiser, £12

With cupboard space at a premium, this innovative design utilises the unused space beneath any kitchen shelf. It features two open-ended compartments and is ideal for storing rolls or boxes of cling film, foil, baking paper or bin liners.


The Home Edit & iDesign Pantry Storage Canister, Medium, £10

As seen on the Netflix show Get Organized with the Home Edit, this clear stackable medium-sized storage canister is easily big enough to store crackers or crisps. It has a silicone gasket to keep food fresh and is also available in a larger or smaller size.


OXO Pop Cereal Box Storage Container, £16.99

No kitchen cupboard is complete without an OXO pop box to keep cereal and granola fresh. Easy to open with just one hand, it has a spout for mess-free pouring and is slimline so it doesn’t take up too much space. It’s also made from BPA-free plastic.

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