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Dream scenario: These bedtime boosters will bag you easy ZZZs and help you kickstart the day in style

Few topics generate as many questions as sleep: Am I getting enough? How can I get to sleep quicker? How can I sleep better? 

Despite a surge in searches for sleep hygiene over recent years, only 46% of us say that we feel well rested when we wake (according to a study carried out by Mintel). 

While medical insomnia is always best left to your GP to investigate, the following slumber-inducing investments might just help the perpetual can’t-switch-off-ers, those suffering from menopause or perimenopause symptoms, fatigued parents, or light sleepers longing for an undisturbed eight hours.

After all, there are ways to boost your bedtime routine at home to make dozing off a doddle. And, if nothing else, these deliciously decadent buys will help you to create a dreamy sleep space that smells and looks inviting after a long day on the go.

How to improve your sleep space

Replace your pillow at least once every two years (top tip: if you fold it in half and it doesn’t spring open by itself, get rid).

Replace your mattress every eight years.

✔ Keep cool – the optimum room temperature is 20°C (68-70°F).

✔ Consistency is key when it comes to nailing your sleep routine, so go to bed and get up at the same time every day, including at the weekend.

The boujee bed

Nothing makes for a stylish sleeptime quite like a luxury bed. With its distinctive, decadent design, the Silhouette bed frame from John Lewis boasts all the five-star feels of a luxury hotel at home, minus the whopping hotel bill. But the really smart parts? Silhouette comes with tactical slats to deliver optimum spinal alignment as you sleep, while the Aquaclean fabric ensures you can banish most household stains easily and effectively with water alone. Stylish and smart, sweet dreams were made of this, no?

The swanky sheets

Keen to create a haute-hotel feel at home? Look to the Washed Cotton Bedspread from John Lewis. Boasting all the swagger of a cotton cover (so hot right now), with the smarts of a lightweight sheet for that deliciously ‘undone’ look, this must-have is available in an array of boutique-hotel-style muted tones, including a plaster pink and Scandi grey – just think of it as the one-and-done of bed making. If you’re coveting hotel-quality sheets too (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), you’ll also love the John Lewis range of linen, brushed cotton and Egyptian fabrics. 

The luxury lighting

Majestically bridging the gap between timeless and current (electrical pun, fully intended), this industrial-style brass Boundary Table Lamp from John Lewis is sure to delight from bedtime to beyond. How? Dimmed evening light is a recipe for better sleep (the science says light suppresses a hormone called melatonin, which tells the body it’s time to sleep). Plus, it feels unashamedly decadent – ideal for anyone looking to add some swank to their slumber. Pair with a vintage-style bulb to not only transform the feel of your home, but hopefully help you nod off quicker, too.

The mood-setting motif

Pineapples have long been associated with prestige and luxury, with this exotic fruit gracing the tables of wealthy aristocrats since the 16th century (it really does taste delicious with cheese, too). Fast forward to today and pineapple motifs continue to pop up in stylish pads worldwide, with everything from cocktail shakers and tumblers to lights taking inspiration from this fashionable fruit. Indeed, Sanderson’s Pineapple Royale wallpaper packs all the feels of a moody still-life painting, but with the added pep and personality of pineapples. Outrageously decadent, deck your walls accordingly.

John Lewis  Badgely Floral PJ Set Pink

 Badgely Floral PJ Set Pink

The posh PJs

Whether you’re going through breakups or makeups, dealing with fresh starts or broken hearts, nothing beats that feeling of slipping on your posh PJs after a long day. It’s these little moments that set the mood and help us to unwind, which is one reason why the John Lewis Badgley Floral Print Cotton PJ Set makes for a great gift.

Spun from brushed cotton for extra softness, and cut with a relaxed silhouette, the Badgely set is destined to become your go-to snoozing soulmate. Why not add a top-rated silk pillowcase or silk eye mask into the mix to amp up the feel-good factor before bed, too? Both will help to preserve hydration around your eyes, face and hair thanks to silk’s naturally soft fibres, while also providing ultimate comfort for all of those precious hours after dark.

Three stylish bedtime bolt-ons

These deliciously decadent buys will spruce up your slumber, stat:

The Top 100

This autumn John Lewis has singled out 100 heroes that showcase how John Lewis products take a joyfully bold approach to enhancing all life’s moments.

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