Go bold with your autumn tablescape

bold tableware tablescape
Jennifer Morgan,-Interiors Editor

Rich colours, strong patterns and modern shapes – this season’s tableware ideas are a bold feast for the eyes

With the entertaining season upon us, dressing your table for autumn provides the perfect excuse to let your styling skills run wild and there are plenty of new tableware designs and linens to help. Think ‘more is more’, layering colours, shapes and textures – and don’t forget to play with height, mixing vases and candlesticks to create an eclectic centrepiece.

‘There’s less of a focus on having a matching tableware set when it comes to autumn,’ says Fionnuala Johnston, Partner & Senior Designer, Home Design Studio. ‘We’re certainly eating in less formal ways and tableware is reflecting this. Try thinking of tableware as your new cushion collection, providing an opportunity to really express yourself.’

bold tableware with vases

Pile up new crockery shapes

There’s been a shift recently in the shape of tableware. Look out for rimless plates, which offer a more relaxed, artisan feel, while large platters and sharing bowls are perfect for creating a more casual dining experience with friends. Layering your table, setting each place with a dinner plate, side plate or bowl, gives plenty of opportunity to mix and match shapes, patterns and colours. Choose pieces you love – whether for their unusual pattern, the way they feel or their shape/size. This relaxed approach to setting allows you to mix rather than match, so you can keep adding to your crockery collection.

bold bowls and plates

Fall for bold pattern

Be confident when it comes to pattern, choosing swishes and swirls in rich colours, adding to that modern maximalist look. Look for pieces with a hand-painted or drawn quality, which boosts the artisan vibe. Bring in interesting glaze techniques too – this is all about creating a table that guests will admire and remember.

table with canapes

Look for hero pieces

You can still work this trend into your existing tableware – just shop for a few statement pieces. Try teaming a serving platter with a striking design with plain white side plates, going for patterned side plates or swapping white napkins for plum or teal to add that strong burst of colour. However you style your autumnal table, do it with confidence. It’s hard to get such a bold look wrong; just choose pieces you are naturally drawn towards and pile up those layers.

More bold designs

Plates that will create as much of a buzz as the food

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