How to staycation in style

Staycation in style
Jennifer Morgan,-Interiors Editor

Recreate an authentic boutique-hotel experience at home, for a staycation to remember

Now that the Great British summer at home is in full swing, there’s never been a better time to switch up your interior with a few styling tricks inspired by your favourite hotels and restaurants. Here’s how to transform the everyday into something special. 

Staycation in style

Start with a leisurely breakfast

One of the very best things about staying in a hotel is the buffet breakfast, so why not replicate it at home? Cut up fresh fruit, serve platters of cheese and cold meats and pop pastries in baskets to serve with pots of coffee or tea. Lay the table the night before, so it’s all set when you wake. Don’t forget the napkins and flowers – little touches that make it feel extra special.

Book into your own spa

Commandeer the bathroom for the morning and indulge at your own home spa. ‘It‘s the perfect excuse to try those beauty products that have been on your list,’ says Bethan Harwood, Partner & Home Design Stylist (@jl_bethan). ‘Soothing colours, such as stone or soft green, will help create that relaxing feel.’ Need tips on creating a tranquil space? Check out our advice on how to create a home spa.

Staycation in style

Have a chat with ‘housekeeping’

Of course, there are some downsides to hotel-ing at home, with making the beds still a necessary chore. Treat your bed to something new for your staycation – whether that’s crisp, white sheets or natural linen. ‘Don’t forget to add a bedspread to get that hotel look,’ says Bethan. ‘And I’d add a scented candle on the bedside table. You could also indulge with a new cushion or even a sheepskin rug next to your bed.

‘Use the time to unplug and shop your home. Shopping your home is a creative way to mix up your interior without buying anything new. Swap your bed cushions with those in your living room, find new places for accessories to live and change the pictures in your frames.’ 

‘Make sure you’ve tucked away any visual reminders of work, so they aren’t staring at you as you rest and recharge,’ says Wil Law, Partner & Home Design Stylist (@jl_wil). ‘Assess your space and ask, “Is it as comfortable as it can possibly be?” Comfort is key to a happy home and, when in holiday mode, you need to put the formality aside. Rearrange certain spaces, even if it’s just temporarily, so that they feel new, exciting and relaxing. You could, for instance, create a cinema zone positioning seating directly towards the TV and layering up as many soft furnishings as possible, so that evenings indoors are a lazy treat.’

Create an outdoor haven

Give your garden a new purpose. The trick is to set up different corners so it doesn’t get boring. A bistro set for morning coffee, an outdoor bar for cocktails and a daybed for… well, just lying there. ‘A daybed will transform your outdoor space from a just garden to a true relaxation zone that could rival any poolside spot,’ says Wil, who loves the Cradle Rope design. ‘It’s ideal for reading or just snoozing.’

‘Invest in some portable speakers for your garden too,’ says Bethan. ‘Create a holiday playlist of your favourite feel-good tunes.’ Dot a few side tables around your garden, ready for a G&T or summer cooler. ‘Trying new cocktail recipes and creating fun garnishes are a great way to bring summer holiday fun to your staycation,’ Bethan adds. Outdoor lighting can also transform the space for your holiday vibe. ‘Festoon lighting will create a warm glow, then add lanterns around your seating area for a romantic evening,’ she suggests.

Staycation in style

Plan your staycation wardrobe

Just because you’re at home, doesn’t mean you can’t put together a staycation wardrobe. This is the perfect excuse to shop for a new floaty dress or some jewelled sandals to add to your summer basics. To make your everyday feel more relaxed, pull your vacation looks together in one place. A space-saving trick sometimes used in smaller hotel rooms is to put up a row of hooks on a wall – by a full length mirror for example – to have a convenient place to hang your essentials. As a permanent fixture, it’s a clever way to keep a bedroom looking tidy. 

Staycation in style

Make dinner special

Use your staycation to cook something you’ve been meaning to try for a while – or even book a delivery from your favourite restaurant. Set the table with your best tableware for a restaurant-style vibe and recreate that amazing seafood place you happened upon the last time you were on holiday. Use crisp, white napkins and a table runner or cloth – dim the lights, dot a few tealights around, get dressed up, pop on a soundtrack of spanish guitar and all you’ll be missing is the sound of the waves lapping against the shore.

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