On trial: Elizabeth Arden Retinol + HPR Ceramide Capsules

Gilly Ferguson,-Contributing Editor

Five-star rated and universally adored – so does this new anti-ageing serum really work?

What makes these retinol capsules special?

Elizabeth Arden’s new Retinol + HPR Ceramide Capsules are packed with clinically proven high-performance retinol and skin-soaking ceramides for smooth-as-silk skin. 

Divided into daily doses, this small but mighty supercharged serum is potent enough to promise visibly reduced wrinkles – in just one week – while gentle enough to use morning and evening (minus any dryness, peeling or redness), making it suitable for retinol converts and first-timers alike. 


What will Retinol + HPR Ceramide Capsules do for your skin?

Elizabeth Arden Retinol + HPR Ceramide Capsules contain:

Peptides + ceramides to support skin collagen
Retinol + HPR to target signs of ageing
Phytoceramides to strengthen skin barrier
Bisabolol + oat to soothe
Vitamin E to defend against environmental stressors

Why is everyone so excited about retinol with HPR?

Retinol is what experts use. It’s the five-star skincare ingredient that’s proven to ✓ unclog pores ✓ ‘iron out’ wrinkles ✓ even skin tone.

But while pure retinol is immediately absorbed for quick results, HPR (that’s high-performance retinol) is a next-generation retinoid, 10 times more potent, and it offers sustained release after application. Think double the wow, and double the care. 

On trial: Elizabeth Arden Retinol + HPR Ceramide Capsules

How to apply

Twist the top of a capsule twice, squeeze serum on to fingertips, rub to warm and gently sweep over face and neck morning and/or evening, before moisturiser/SPF.

At what age should you start using retinol?

Our skin loses approximately 1% of its collagen per year from our mid twenties, so most dermatologists recommend starting retinol usage in your late twenties onwards.

What can I use retinol with?

First-time users may want to avoid layering with acids/exfoliants but retinol works brilliantly alongside niacinamide, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, ceramides and – always – SPF.

Add some TLC

Why not make your serum work even harder and combine it with facial massage? The silky consistency won’t tug or pull skin, while massaging helps to boost circulation.

The verdict: are they worth it?

For skincare that works, retinol is always the answer (along with SPF), but do Elizabeth Arden’s Retinol + HPR Ceramide Capsules live up to the hype? 

A thousand times yes. Whether you’re a diehard retinol fan or a nervy newcomer, Retinol + HPR is high-performance and fuss-free; a potent skincare sidekick packed with super-active ingredients to target wrinkles, dullness, fine lines and pigmentation. 

And because it’s a steady-release retinol, it helps to avoid irritation. Some retinoids can trigger my combination skin, particularly when it’s winter-ravaged – but with this, there was no flare-up.

I’ve been using it for four weeks now and my skin looks – and feels – undeniably smooth, while the fine marionette lines around my mouth appeared to soften after just one week. 

Like a vacation for my face, Elizabeth Arden’s Retinol + HPR Ceramide is the ultimate skincare overachiever, ramping up my routine when I needed it most.

The metrics that matter
3 out of 5
Value for moneyThey’re portion-controlled (so zero product overload) but single-use – these forever-fresh potent shots are premium, sure, but boy do they work.
5 out of 5
Ease of useGreat for beginners, and perfectly portable, these capsules will fit seamlessly into any skincare routine.
5 out of 5
ResultsWow! I’ve been using this every morning for four weeks and my marionette lines definitely appear smoother.

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