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Why every home can benefit from having a smart bulb

India Price,-Contributing Editor

Energy efficiency and improved ambience just from one little smart bulb? Sign me up

What is it?

If smart bulbs seem confusing, this article is for you. I must be honest and admit that while I knew about smart plugs and smart meters, smart bulbs hadn’t reached my daily life as much. That is, until I got hold of the Philips Hue White Single Filament smart bulb, which operates from bluetooth via a free phone app. Sound a bit tech heavy? That’s because it is… in the best way. 

Why do you need it?

We’re all looking for ways to save the pennies and while the cost of a smart bulb (this one is £44.99) isn’t insignificant, they’re said to be up to six times more energy efficient than regular bulbs, which means that your fuel bills should be lower. Not only that, but a smart bulb is fantastic for ambience, security and more. 

The facts

Save electricity You can control the lights from your phone. So, say you realise you forgot to switch one off during your morning rush, simply log on to the app and bosh, sorted. 

Create your ideal ambience With this bulb you can dim your lights to create the perfect atmosphere throughout your home. I love doing this during my daughter’s bath time to make sure there are no bright lights around the house and trust me, it helps. 

Easy to use All you have to do is download the Hue app to take control over your lighting. Set timers, dim your lights and so much more with the user-friendly app.

Up your security Smart bulbs can help keep your home safe and secure when you’re not there. Log on to the app and turn on your lights or set a schedule so that they come on when you’re out – neighbours or passers-by will assume someone is home.

Use Alexa or other voice controls such as Google Assistant to control your lights at home without your phone. 

Added bonus This particular bulb has a range of ‘temperatures’, starting at a relaxed and gentle 2200K and going up to 6500K, which is akin to daylight.

The metrics that matter
Simply does itThe app is super easy to set up and the bulb just works exactly like any other bulb does so technophones (hello, my people) need not stress.
How smart’s smart?This particular smart bulb is quite bulky but the quality so far seems strong. The app is aesthetically pleasing, which is always a win for me.
Value for moneyIt does feel a little pricey for a light bulb but that said, I am weirdly looking forward to seeing this month’s energy bill to compare the difference.

Is it worth the money?

If  a more energy efficient household and dimmable lights are top of your agenda, then yes. As I’ve said, it’s an expensive bulb but I’ve decided it’s worth it if only just to create a calm atmosphere at home, especially in the winter.

I really like the security element of it and the knowledge that there’s a light on to deter any passers-by who might have clocked that we’ve gone away. Peace of mind? Priceless. 

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