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The £45 DAB radio that you didn’t know you needed

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Thought your days of needing a physical radio were over? Think again. This Arietta DAB unit makes life simple again…

When it comes to in-home speaker options, the possibilities are endless. Of course there are gadgets that can practically breathe for you, but what about the good old DAB radio? Until recently, the only time I listened to the radio was when I got into the car, for the five seconds it takes me to connect my phone to bluetooth and load up my podcast or playlist of choice. But John Lewis’ Arietta radio has truly changed the radio game for me – here’s why. 

What is it?

This small but perfectly formed bit of kit is a DAB/DAB+/FM radio with wireless and bluetooth connectivity. It’s super slick – it has a clock interface which is inoffensive and simple, crystal clear connection to a plethora of radio stations, and a built-in alarm clock, which is perfect if (like me) you’re working on removing your phone from your bedside table. It’s also only 23cm high and 17.8cm wide, so it fits seamlessly in any corner of your home, whether you have it in the kitchen, your home office or the bedroom.

Why do you need it?

Let’s be honest, we could all do with being on our phones less. The problem is, they do everything for us. But the beauty of owning something like the Arietta radio is that it can remove some of the phone-reliability. Want the radio? Use the Arietta. Need an alarm? Use the Arietta. Need a speaker to blast your motivational playlist or Wondery’s latest podcast series? You guessed it, use the Arietta. If you’re looking for the perfect multitasking speaker that doesn’t cost the earth, I promise that this ticks all of those boxes.

How easy is it to set up?

I’m a technophobe and I really do not have enough patience to spend time setting up gadgets like this. Instruction manual? Forget it. I will not read it. So when I opened up the Arietta I was slightly nervous that I’d stumble at the first hurdle – but I was wrong. It truly could not be more simple to set up: plug it in, connect your phone and boom, you’re good to go.

The metrics that matter
Money Emoji. 5 out of 5
Value for money At £45, this gadget really is great value for money. Speakers and radios tend to cost double this a lot of the time and when you consider just how much this tiny device can do, it’s definitely worth it.
OK Emoji
Good looksI have it in white, so it blends into any room. Right now, it’s on my bedside table, but I know it will look good anywhere in the house. Sure, the interface could be slightly more modern perhaps, but it does the job and it still looks good.
Satellite Emoji
Clear connectivity What can I say? Every station we’ve tried so far – from 5 Live Sport to Classic FM – seems to work a treat. Every single time that football gets touched we can hear it crystal clear, joy of joys.

Is it worth it?

Yes. If you’re looking for an affordable way to enjoy the radio, listen to your music or get up for work on time, the Arietta is truly worth every penny. It’s easy to work, good to look at, and at the time of writing, doesn’t show any signs of falling apart at the seams, even after a lot of use. So whether you’re looking for a new radio for yourself or a gift for a loved one, this is it.

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