Tried & TestedThe Elvie Stride: a hands-free breast pump that’s truly worth the investment
India Price,-Contributing Editor

Powerful, portable and hands-free, the new Stride breast pump from Elvie makes expressing milk a breeze. And it’s even easy to clean…

When it comes to breastfeeding, the choices can sometimes be overwhelming. The choice to breastfeed, for one. Some choose not to do it and for others, it's not even a matter of choice. It's worth acknowledging that first. But if you decide that you want to – and can – breastfeed your baby, it's worth getting to grips with a really good pump so that someone else can give your baby a bottle.

The questions expectant mothers ask: do you need to rent a pump from the hospital? Do you have to stay still for 30 minutes until the one tonne machine has done its thing? Do you have to wire yourself up to all manner of tech before the pumping even begins? Thanks to Elvie, the answer to all three questions is ‘No’.

I’ve been lucky enough to test out the brand’s newest pump, the Elvie Stride, and here are my thoughts on a fantastic product. 

What is it?

The newest breast pump from Elvie, the Stride is hand-free and created with a hospital-grade motor so that you can take pumping in your stride. Elvie have made a name for themselves as one of the most forward-thinking brands out there and they truly have thought of everything when it comes to this pump. 

Why do you need it?

If you’re keen to breastfeed but don’t necessarily want your baby attached to you 24/7, it’s important to get into the rhythm of pumping. Having the option to give a partner or another caretaker the bottle is key, so it makes sense to invest in a decent pump.

What’s incredible about the Stride is its hospital-grade motor. Another one of the most well-regarded pumps on the market is also hospital-grade, but it’s so large and expensive that it can only really be rented from hospitals. The Stride, however, has taken all of the features that you’d expect from such a high-end piece of kit and condensed them into one tiny, lightweight, hands-free pump.

You also don’t have to attach yourself to multiple wires and be pinned down when pumping with the Stride – you can wear the pump in your bra, attach the motor to your clothes (but conceal it under a jumper or T-shirt if you like) and get on with your daily tasks. I’ve even gone for a walk while pumping.

How does it compare to the Elvie Pump?

The Elvie Pump is the brand’s other electric pump. I’ve been using that one for the last 8 months and it’s just as impressive.

The main difference between the two is that the Elvie Pump is totally tube-free, whereas the Stride does have a little tube connecting pump to motor. I’d say that the Stride is slightly more powerful too – you really do feel that hospital-grade motor working its magic and I definitely notice that I’ve pumped more milk in a shorter time from the Stride compared to the Pump.

Both are truly wonderful pieces of kit, though, and I’d recommend either to any mother. 

The metrics that matter
detective Emoji
How discreet actually is it?It’s not invisible, but it is pretty discreet. If you wear a baggier sweatshirt and hide the wire underneath, you can get away with wearing it out and about, which I’ve done.
Battery emoji
What about its power? You can really feel that tiny but powerful motor working its magic. It’s comfortable, though, and essentially feels much the same as a breastfeeding baby.
Money bag emoji
Value for moneyYou can’t put a price on retaining your liquid baby-feeding gold easily and effectively. This little bit of kit is worth every single penny.
Is it worth it?

Yes. It’s easy to clean (you can bung most of it in the dishwasher), easy to put together, easy to use, and just an all-round essential bit of kit. It’s perfect for any mother who wants to breastfeed, but also wants her freedom. Elvie has taken the guesswork out of pumping and made a really wonderful product. 

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