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Is the £375 TheraFace PRO worth the hype?

Gilly Ferguson,-Writer

BREAKING NEWS We put TikTok’s most popular skincare tool to the test, and the (literally shocking) results are in…

What is the TheraFace PRO?

The Dyson Airwrap for your face! The Peloton of facial health! The Netflix of skincare! OK, fine, I made the last two up – but ever since its launch in March 2022, the TheraFace PRO Facial Health Device has topped beauty editors’, YouTubers’ and TikTokkers’ most-wanted lists – making it arguably the best gift idea for Christmas, birthdays and just about every celebration in between. But what is the TheraFace PRO, and how much can this super-hyped device do for skin?

‘TheraFace PRO merges science-backed facial health treatments with innovative tech, marrying multiple skincare tools into one compact device,’ says Therabody Education Manager Kieran Phillips-Tebb. Basically, it’s like having three celebrity facialists on speed dial – only now they’re moving in and setting up a clinic in your front room.

How? The PRO comes with three attachments – for LED light, microcurrent and percussive therapy – as well as a cleansing ring, conductive gel, a slip-proof stand, a natty little neoprene travel bag and a charger (for another £79, you can add a hot/cold attachment).

Said to relieve tension, tone, tighten, brighten and soothe skin and improve skin health, the TheraFace PRO is touted as one of the world’s best home beauty devices. Here’s why…

1. The LED light therapy one

It’s a favourite with dermatologists and celebrity facialists, but what are the benefits of LED light in skincare?

Red Long wavelengths to tighten, firm and target wrinkles around the eyes/mouth.

Blue Shorter wavelengths kill bacteria (that’s why blue light is used in hand dryers in public loos) to target blemishes, breakouts and acne.

Infrared Anti-inflammatory and used to improve skin healing (pink in standby mode, the proximity sensor system turns light red).


LED light therapy lowdown

How do you use red light therapy at home? 

1. Glide the tool back and forth with light pressure. 2. Close your eyes (to make it more relaxing, rather than because of a risk factor).

How do you use blue light acne treatments at home?

As above – although combining blue light with percussive therapy isn’t recommended, as it may spread bacteria. 

Can you do light therapy every day?

Yes! Work at-home treatments into your daily skincare routine if time allows. TheraFace PRO is suitable for sensitive skin – though, as always, it’s best to limit use to a few times per week to minimise any potential irritation, if your skin is usually that way inclined.

How To: TheraFace PRO LED Light Rings

2. The microcurrent one

Electronic facials have been beloved by beauty insiders for decades – they’re the expert secret to instantly glowy, plump-looking skin. How do they work? The best at-home microcurrent devices emit a positive and a negative current via probes to accelerate healing and temporarily tighten skin. Think of it as a pocket personal trainer who tones and shortens muscle fibres – only unlike a PT (and my jokes), microcurrents are 100% painless. You may feel some mild tingling while using the device, but microcurrent therapy should come with zero side-effects, redness or irritation. 

How to use microcurrents at home

- Apply a thin layer of conductive gel (you can use any water-based gel).

- Glide the device upwards with light pressure, avoiding eyebrows/beard line.

- The device beeps every 15 seconds and the whole face should take two mins.

Can you use microcurrent post-fillers or Botox?

Most derms recommend waiting 14+ days so do seek approval from an expert, particularly if you use accutane, steroids or prescription-strength Retin-A. 


3. The percussive therapy one

New to massage guns? Unlike oscillating massage devices, percussive therapy applies rapid on/off repetitive pressure to relax and relieve pain (ask anyone who’s tried Therabody’s bestselling Theragun Percussive Therapy Massager – it’s INCRED). The TheraFace PRO massage gun has a 3mm amplitude designed to promote blood flow and ease tension around the eyes, jawline and 40ish muscles in the face. 

How to use percussive therapy

- Glide and pause at pressure points ie temples and jawline.

- Combine the cleansing ring with a water-based cleanser (not micro-beads) for a deeper clean.

How To: TheraFace PRO Percussive Therapy Attachments

Does the TheraFace PRO really work?

What makes this at-home skincare device so genius: 

It’s convenient Once you know how each attachment works, the TheraFace PRO is super simple to use, charges in 35 mins max, and easily slots into any daily skincare routine, no matter your skin concern. More than that, it puts three of the industry’s best treatments in the palm of your hand – LED light! Microcurrent! Percussive therapy! – all from the comfort of your own home. Yes, please. 

Experts love it Using technology seen in oodles of celebrity spa treatments (hello celeb fave, the Corinthia), pros swear by TheraFace. Me? As a beauty editor, I’ve been lucky enough to try many a facial fad over the years – but this? I’m two weeks in, with a handful of compliments under my belt (sidenote: this never happens) and dare I say it, my knackered complexion actually looked glowy the other day. Plus, unlike more trad LED face masks, the TheraFace delivers targeted results (also great news for claustrophobic types).

Cost At £375, the TheraFace PRO is undoubtedly a BIG skincare investment – but if cost-per-use is your thing, consider this: the average cost of an in-salon microcurrent treatment is £250 a session. LED light therapy? Upwards of £80. Throw in a £50 facial massage and your DIY TheraFace has already washed its, er, face. If you factor in the journey time, money and bleurgh feeling of walking home post-treatment, then why wouldn’t you DIY?

The metrics that matter
Ease of use Fuss-free, faster than expected and a helluva lot easier than schlepping to the salon, it’s a yes from me.
ResultsPlacebo or not, two weeks in and this knackered mum of two toddlers/tyrants looks almost dewy… I’m sold.
Value for moneyIt’s a pricey bit of kit, sure, but if you facial on the reg, the TheraFace will bag you some serious cost-per-usage points.

Is the TheraFace PRO worth the money?

Sure, there’s a lot of beauty boffinry to absorb – and at £375, the TheraFace PRO Facial Health Device is a whopping skincare investment. Is it worth the celebrity price tag? 

IMO, it’s great value – whether you use it to maintain facial health in-between your salon treatments or as a standalone device to upgrade your evening skincare routine. It’s also made me practise a proper cleanse/treat/moisturise ritual, even on ‘meh’ days. 

Plus, the TheraFace is non-invasive, suitable for acne-prone and sensitive skin, and arguably makes my skincare (and me) work harder. 

Truthfully? Nothing beats the zen that comes with an in-salon treatment every once in a while but if, like me, you live and work remotely and don’t have either the cash or access to the best facialists in the business, then you’ll love this. My advice? Be consistent, clean it (obvs) and claim it as a clever(ish) cost-per-use investment…  

Try TheraFace PRO in-store at John Lewis Bluewater and Oxford Street

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