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On trial: Under Armour sportswear

Under Armour HOVR™ Phantom 3 SE Women's Running Shoes and Under Armour Mid Armour Crossback Sports Bra
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Lucy Gornall,-Writer

Meet the versatile kit that works for all workouts

What’s tougher than a workout? A workout wearing uncomfortable gym kit. As a health and fitness journalist, PT and avid gym goer, I’ve tried more sportswear than I’ve had protein shakes, and I can say that it’s not easy to find great kit. What’s even harder is finding something that’s versatile enough to let me go for a run then drop into a reformer Pilates class.

But Under Armour’s latest collection is all about versatility, so whatever the workout, the kit is made to perform. This makes it ideal for people like me who incorporate a mixture of workouts, as well as people who want more of a capsule gym wardrobe.

I put their offering to the test during a variety of workouts…

Image of an woman sitting on some outside steps wearing Under Armour


For a HIIT workout consisting of jumps, squats, runs and rings, I wore the Mid Crossback Sports Bra, Hovr Phantom 3 SE trainersSeamless Gym Leggings and Racer Tank Top.

For these types of workouts, gym wear needs offer support, while sitting snug on the body rather than shifting around and getting uncomfortable.

I was pleasantly surprised at how comfy the trainers were. They slip on and off easily, but when they’re on, they’re on, and do not budge at all. No matter my movement, these trainers stayed put. Even when I was doing my walking lunges, they encased my feet perfectly.

The leggings were also budgeproof; plus, there were so seethrough bits when I squatted and the high waistband kept everything ‘tucked in’ without being so tight I couldn't breathe. The bra and the tank were also supportive and I felt they looked good.

Reformer Pilates

I head to a London-based studio for a reformer Pilates class, where flexibility and freedom of movement is key. No uncomfortable kit wanted here.

I wore the Seamless Gym Top, a HeatGear Armour High Sports Bra and the Seamless Gym Leggings. The leggings’ high waistband was great and didn’t budge throughout the whole class, plus they’re long enough for me (I’m 5ft 9in). I didn’t once have to tug at them which was great, and no seams means zero chafing. Naturally, the waistband does dig in during certain exercises but I wasn’t uncomfortable.

The tee didn’t ride up and it was flattering no matter what move I was doing on the reformer carriage. Although it’s tight, I didn’t feel chafing under the armpits (a frequent problem for me).

I was confused at first by the bra’s straps as they were so tight and didn’t seem adjustable like on normal bras. Instead, they slide and secure with a hook at the front – it turns out they’re easier and more convenient than a conventional bra. I felt fully supported throughout the workout and the HeatGear technology wicks away sweat for even greater comfort.

Under Armour HeatGear® Armour High Sports Bra, Black/Jet Gray

An outdoor walk and jog

For a brisk 5km walk with some gentle jog intervals thrown in, I wore the ½ Zip Running Top, Hovr Phantom 3 SE Trainers, Seamless Leggings, HeatGear Armour High Sports Bra and a Racer Tank Top underneath the long-sleeved top for a little extra warmth.

The trainers were a joy to walk in. Much like when I wore them for a HIIT workout, they hugged my feet,. The thought of wearing other trainers now seems like such a chore.

The leggings stayed up, they didn’t tuck into the wrong places or chafe and the tops were really great for freedom of movement. Yet again the bra offered great support – I just tightened the straps slightly for extra support.

The verdict

I was sceptical to begin with because it’s tricky to find gym kit that’s supportive and comfortable for all workouts, from HIIT to running to Pilates.

Yet here I am feeling smug because, thanks to Under Armour, I have finally found workout wear that ticks all the boxes. Instead of packing different leggings and bras into my gym bag or suitcase when I travel, I now have a select few items that suit all my workouts.

Image of Lucy Gornall, running wearing Under Armour
The metrics that matter
4 out of 5 stars for value for money
Value for money The Under Armour kit just works. It does what it says it’s going to do, which makes it worth the cost in my eyes.
5 out of 5 stars for comfort
ComfortComfort is king when it comes to gym wear and this kit was a dream. I could move freely, I didn’t once find myself tugging at frustrating fabrics and it didn’t make me itchy, chafe me or leave me with a rash (which has happened with other brands).
LooksThe kit looks great, fits well and is flattering; it clings in the right places and covers where it needs to. With the sports bras I would have liked a little more cleavage lift (purely for vanity reasons) but they are supportive and keep everything in place.

PT-approved workout tips

Take a rest day 

If you’re hammering your body with exercise every day, when is it going to recover? A rest day should never be seen as lazy – it’s when muscles repair and grow, so they can become stronger. You simply will not see the results you want if you never take the time to rest. 

Always stretch

Preparing your body for the work it’s about to do is always wise. It not only mobilises your joints, but it loosens your muscles, helping to prevent injuries and post-workout soreness. Devote five to 10 minutes to dynamic stretches (stretches with movement) such as leg swings, lunges and arm circles, and you will feel more limber.

Take five to cool down

Static (stationary) stretches after a workout help to avoid the dreaded tightening of muscles, which can lead to DOMs (delayed onset muscle soreness) and general stiffness. Hold each stretch for up to 30 seconds and make sure you take the time to breathe, reset and let your heart rate come back down to a steady beat.

Get a sports bra that works

No matter your boob size, breasts move during exercise. And they move considerably more than you think. So to stop them from hurting and potentially getting damaged, protect them with a good sports bra. Running and HIIT workouts will need a high-impact bra, while workouts such as yoga just require a low impact bra. Check the straps are tight enough and that there’s no gape around the bottom of the sports bra. It needs to fit snugly.

Wear layers outside

Versatile layering is the best way to stay warm during outdoor exercise sessions. Try a T-shirt under a long-sleeved top followed by a hoodie or a thin running jacket. As you warm up, you can take layers off and when you get colder afterwards, pop them back on.

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