Wellness Thing of the Week: Neom Organics London Moment of Calm Essential Oil

Neom Organics London Moment of Calm Essential Oil
Michaela Moore,-Lifestyle Editor

Looking for an easy way to add a drop of wellness to your daily routine? Say hello to your scent saviour

Hands up if you’d like to squeeze some more ‘me time’ into your daily routine? It’s no secret that when it comes to priorities, we often put ourselves last; and realistically, we don’t always have enough time in the day to enjoy all the activities and hobbies we’d like. But all is not lost – simply carve out a few moments of calm with this dreamy essential oil, designed to help soothe the body and mind.

Promoting feelings of calm and inner peace (and who wouldn’t want more of that in their life?) rose is the star of the show in this essential oil. Combined with rejuvenating neroli, which starts life as a blossom from bitter orange, the aroma is perfectly blended to create a scent designed to de-stress and re-energise. It’s an absolute me-time must-have.

Smells good, does good

Founded in 2004, Neom Organics London creates easy to use products that help people to unwind from their hectic lives – so it’s no wonder we’re such big fans. Fitting in perfectly with their mantra ‘small steps, big difference’, the Moment of Calm essential oil is made using 100% natural fragrances and can help calm a busy mind, giving you the potential to unlock a higher level of wellness and balance. 

What exactly are essential oils?

Just what’s so essential about them then? Well, while they’re able to deliver a raft of benefits, essential oils are actually called that because they capture the ‘essence’ of the plants they derive from. So if you’re looking for a concentrated hit containing all the benefits of the main bloom, there's no quicker or better way to get it. Which makes them pretty essential in our book. 

Sounds great, but how do I use it?

Imagine you’ve stepped into a spa. You’re immediately hit by a wall of scintillating scents, each one filled with the promise of much-needed R&R. Sound good? Well, simply add a few drops of this oil to your own ultrasonic diffuser and you’ll instantly have that smell in your very own home.

If you have longer to shut the world out, why not add a few drops to your bath to fully create your own wellness retreat? Now you just need a Do Not Disturb sign for the door…

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