Add more feelgood

Add more feelgood

Forget starting the year by cutting things out – make it a year to enjoy more.
More joy, more smiles, more feelgood.

Make yourself priority #1

With the bustle of Christmas behind us, it's time to switch the focus onto yourself

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In a busy world our mental health can often be overlooked; ensure you take the time to look after yourself by browsing our Wellbeing range. If you're looking for a break from the 9-to-5 routine, explore our range of relaxing health and wellbeing gifting experiences, for such things as indulgent spa days or overnight stays to share with someone special. We also offer a wealth of healthy lifestyle and wellbeing tips, including our favourite wellness retreats, guides to hiking, running, how to boost your emotional fitness and useful apps to help you along your wellbeing journey. Unwind at home with some of our comfy loungewear, and be inspired by our healthy food preparation products for ways to treat yourself and value your mental health.
  • Do SAD lights help wellbeing?

    SAD lights have been found to assist our mood by mimicking the sunlight that we miss during wintry months. They are thought to encourage the production of serotonin which lifts our mood whilst reducing the levels of melatonin which makes us sleepy, thereby being a potentially useful product for helping our wellbeing.