Wellness Thing of the Week: Ninja Foodi Power 2-in-1 Nutri Blender

Wellness Product of the Week: Ninja Foodi Power 2-in-1 Nutri Blender
Helen Ledsome,-Lifestyle Editor

Keen to try the latest celebrity juice diet? Getting your five-a-day is easier than ever with one of the most stylish blenders around…

Few things are more important for overall wellness than a balanced diet. But squeezing the requisite five portions of fruit and veg a day into a busy lifestyle can be tricky. Never fear, though – this is where a blender might just become your new best friend.

Use it to turn a load of mixed fruit into a brightly-coloured and nutritious smoothie every morning or blitz up a warming, hearty soup from some winter veg at lunchtime. All of a sudden, those 5-a-day targets don’t seem quite so out of reach…

Why should you follow the way of the Ninja?

With plenty of sleek and powerful blenders available, just what makes the Ninja Foodi Power 2-in-1 Nutri Blender our pick? 

Well, first off there's the fact that it packs an impressive 1100W Smart Torque motor. That lets it power through thick mixtures without you needing to thin them out with added liquid (and without any fear of burning out the motor). 

Forget stopping mid-blend to stir or shake your concoction too – it has a built-in Power Paddle that pushes your ingredients down towards the blade. Those frustrating minutes spent trying to coax thick mixtures down towards the blades with a spatula will be a thing of the past.

Ninja Foodi Power 2-in-1 Nutri Blender

Does it come with everything you need?

In a word, yes.  Do you want to rustle up something with a thick, crunchy or spreadable texture (think nut butters, frozen yoghurt, and pastes)? Then use the 400ml Power Nutri Bowl. If you’re after a silky smooth drink, dip or dressing though, just attach the 700ml cup and blitz away.

But what if you want something a little less… healthy?

We all need a treat sometimes, right? The Ninja blender is just as good at whipping up a chocolate milkshake as it is at creating a fruit smoothie. And if you’re having your friends over for the evening, use it to blitz up a load of crushed-ice cocktails to get that feel-good sensation flowing. Frozen margaritas, anyone?

Finally, if you really don’t know where to start, or if you get stuck blending up the same three smoothie bowls on repeat, it also comes with an inspiration guide to help fire up your imagination. The possibilities are almost endless…

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