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Radio's Digital revolution

Welcome to radios digital revolution

Hundreds of stations, thousands of podcasts

Radio has been around for ever but thanks to digital technology, it is changing fast to meet the needs of every generation. 

With DAB digital radios, smart speakers and station apps you can now enjoy hundreds of stations and thousands of podcasts all available for free. 
All your favourite stations, shows and presenters, plus great new stations and new voices.

Discover the full range of over 50 national digital stations featuring your favourite music across different genres and decades, and great talk, news, comedy and sport stations too.

As well as all the national digital stations there are great local stations available. 
To find all the stations that are available on DAB digital radio where you live, go to getdigitalradio.com. 

The Digital Radio Revolution 

Thanks to the explosion of digital choice, the majority of all radio listening in the UK is now digital, rather than on traditional analogue AM/FM radios. 

An AM/FM radio can receive less than 20% of the available national stations, so it makes sense to buy a DAB/DAB+ radio which can receive all the available national stations plus your local DAB stations, or a smart radio or a smart speaker that will allow you to listen to digital stations and podcasts too.

DAB/DAB+ digital radios

There are lots of DAB digital radios to choose from that look and sound great. They are simple to use and have great benefits including digital quality sound, easy search and tune, station and track information display, and many come with Bluetooth which means you can connect your phone and use them like a speaker. 

Many national stations are now broadcast in DAB+, which is a newer form of DAB, so to receive the full range of digital stations available you should make sure that the DAB radio you buy has both DAB and DAB+. 

To find out simply check the radio specifications or look for the Digital Radio Tick Mark.

Smart/internet radios

Smart or internet radios connect to the internet via Wi-Fi to allow you to listen to digital stations online, in addition to all the radio stations on DAB, DAB+ and FM. There are literally thousands of radio stations available online - you can listen to national stations, all the UK local stations, as well as international stations from all over the world. 

One of the benefits of internet-enabled radios is access to thousands of podcasts all for free. If you haven’t tried podcasts yet, now is a great time. 

There are brilliant podcasts from broadcasters and personalities you know and love, as well as new up and comers with something to say. Whatever you’re into, there’s a podcast for you. 

Smart speakers

Smart speakers are a great way to listen to national and local radio stations. In fact, most of the audio listening on a smart speaker is to radio, and with a smart speaker you just need to ask the speaker’s voice assistant to play for your favourite station by name. They are great for podcasts too, and other audio, such as music streaming services. 

You’ll find everything you need to know about how to listen to your favourite radio station in the speaker's control app.

Radio at John Lewis

At John Lewis & Partners you’ll find a great choice of DAB digital radios, smart radios, and smart speakers, at a range of prices, and a great selection of headphones. 

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