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John Lewis 7ft Breconridge Fir Christmas Tree

John Lewis 7ft Breconridge Fir Christmas Tree

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John Lewis

We have an extensive collection of Christmas trees for you to choose from which will fit in rooms throughout the home or apartment. With heights from 4ft to 9ft and widths ranging from slim to full, you can find the perfect tree to fit your space.

Please note: A tree with a height of 7.5ft will fit most rooms. The taller trees are more suited to large entrances and hallways.

  • All branches are hinged rather than ‘hook on’ for easier set up
  • All traditional trees include a metal stand or pot
  • All are easy to assemble and are supplied with instructions
  • Our pre-lit trees use LED bulbs which are longer lasting, energy efficient and cool to the touch
RealismMost realistic: Artificial trees made using polyestelene (PE) are the most realistic out of all our faux trees. These are made by creating a mould of a real branch which is then filled with a liquid PE material and set to create a 3D replicaRealistic: Realistic yet affordable, these trees are made using a mixture of PE and PVC which creates a full foliage of hard needlesTraditional: Whilst less realistic than our other tree types, these trees offer incredible value for money - made from a high grade of PVC
QualityBest: Trees made from PE offer the best quality. This use of material makes them less crushable making the tree look as good as new year after year.Better: Mixed tip trees, such as Kensington, combine PE and PVC materials & appear 3D. They are also less crushable and extremely durableGood: Whilst artificial trees made from PVC have a tendency to be more crushable than our PE or Mixed Tip trees, by using the highest grade possible we are able to extend their durability and longevity
Shape / no. tipsFull: Our artificial trees with lots of PE tips make for a bushy, full tree with an outline that imitates a real tree. These trees, such as Morris, are perfect for showcasing a selection of baubles and other tree decorationsCompact: Trees such as Fireside & Alpine Spruce maintain the traditional appearance of an evergreen without taking up too much space. They are ideal for smaller spaces in the homePencil / Slender: Small & narrow trees, such as the Pencil Pine and Chamonix, do not have as many tips as the fuller tress. They are a great solution for small spaces, framing doors or mantle pieces
Decorating*Upswept: Full, realistic trees have a generous profile consisting of upward-sloping branches. With trees such as Scots Pine, where you can see the underside of the branches, decorating is easy with plenty of space for the baubles to hang. We refer to our trees with an upswept branch as ‘Happy trees’Downswept: Trees with a downswept branch are of an elegant shape with gentle sweeping. Decorations are best laid on top. The Snowshill Pine is a good example of this type of treeNeither: Trees with neither upswept or downswept branches have a neat yet regular appearance. The branches are fairly straight-out so it is best to secure decorations on the edge of the branches

*NB: You can choose how you position the branches but it is recommended that they are kept as intended

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  • Buy John Lewis 7ft Breconridge Fir Christmas Tree Online at
  • Buy John Lewis 7ft Breconridge Fir Christmas Tree Online at
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