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Neff C17WR00N0B Built-In Microwave, Stainless Steel



H38.2 x W59.4 x D32cm

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The Neff C17WR00N0B microwave is designed to be integrated into upper cabinets, so it will take up minimal space whilst elegantly blending in with your kitchen layout. 7 automatic programmes are on hand to make preparing your meals simpler.

InnoWave technology ensures your food is cooked evenly throughout, and the silver display EasyClock lets you accurately time your cooking to get perfect results every time. There are 5 power levels to choose from so whether you’re cooking or simply reheating, there’s an option for you.

A 2.5” TFT colour display with ShiftControl makes it easy to operate the microwave by touch, and a start button and open door button give you better control over the cooking process. The LED interior light lets you keep an eye on your food’s progress.

Please note:This microwave comes with a left hinged door.

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